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Analysis Of Evidence

A book for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on evidence and proof, and on legal method.

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Forensic Evidence

One of the greatest challenges encountered by those in the forensic sciences is anticipating what the state and federal courts will – or will not – allow as valid physical evidence. With this in mind, the author of Forensic Evidence: Science and ...

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Evidence For Murder

When Australian model Caroline Byrne’s crumpled body was discovered at the base of a cliff known as the Gap—a famous Sydney landmark and popular suicide spot—it was easy for both the public and police to assume her death was suicide. With no of...

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Seeds Of Evidence

FBI agent Kit McGovern finds a vacation to her grandmother's island home disrupted by the discovery of a dead Latino boy on the beach and focuses on tracing the source of the tomato seeds and acorns found in the boy's pockets.

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Bitemark Evidence

The first stand-alone textbook on the subject, this illuminating reference compiles the expertise and recommendations of a team of 21 eminent specialists from the disciplines of forensic odontology, DNA analysis, pathology, and jurisprudence. It is g...

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Evil And The Evidence For God

How to reconcile the existence of evil with the belief in a benevolent God has long posed a philosophical problem to the system of Christian theism. This work redress this difficulty in modern terms.

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Bodies Of Evidence

The use of forensic science has drastically altered the world of criminal investigations. Since the discovery of fingerprinting, arguably the first step in forensics, the science is becoming ever more...

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Criminal Evidence

Practical and reader-friendly, the Seventh Edition of CRIMINAL EVIDENCE continues to offer students comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of all evidentiary topics common in criminal proceedings in a brief, affordable format. The text thoroughly explore...

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Eyes For Evidence

Eyes for Evidence is a Capstone Press publication.

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The chilling story of serial murderer Roger Kibbe and his violent attacks on women in the West is based on hundreds of interviews of those close to the case, including Kibbe's wife and the key investi...

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Converging Evidence

The volume argues for the use of multi-methodological strategies in linguistic research. In its lead chapter, in addition, the thorny issue of phenomenological pluralism is explored in detail. From a usage-based perspective, the individual chapters d...

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Trace Evidence Analysis

Trace Evidence Analysis continues and builds upon the tradition of its successful companion title Mute Witnesses (2000). Written by some of the top practicing forensic scientists, each chapter explains in detail the detective and analytic work that g...

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Clear And Convincing Evidence

Intellectual-property cases involve high monetary stakes. A company's existence may depend on its innovations and the lawsuits. Clear and Convincing Evidence provides insight into every phase of intellectual property law and the battles that occur at...

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Tire Imprint Evidence

Improve your use of tire imprint evidence with the work of an expert. McDonald discusses methods for examining, capturing, and recording imprints, outlines standard procedures for identification, shows how to prepare expert testimony, and provides de...

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Evidence That Demands A Verdict, 1

Among important books in the defense of Christianity, this one has few equals. Evidence That Demands a Verdict is an easy-to-read, front-line defense for Christians facing the tough questions of criti...

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DNA Evidence And Forensic Science

From the Publisher: Each volume of the Facts On File Library in a Book series is carefully designed to be a first-stop research source on important current issues. Written clearly and carefully so that even the most complex aspects of the topic are e...

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Evidence, Ethos And Experiment

Medical research has been central to biomedicine in Africa for over a century, and Africa, along with other tropical areas, has been crucial to the development of medical science. At present, study po...

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Scientific Evidence Review

Part of monograph series, this book covers Monograph Number 4, focusing on evidence issues.

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Forensic Dental Evidence

Forensic Dental Evidence, 2nd Edition establishes a foundation for dental investigation methodology - not only the reasons and the need behind the protocols, but the processes that should be used in gathering and preserving evidence to extract vital ...

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Handbook Of Massachusetts Evidence

Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence is the premier work in its field. This comprehensive and practical guide to the law of Massachusetts evidence gives you the latest case law and up-to-date informatio...

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