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The White Rajah

Invalided out of the East India Company's army, James Brooke looks for adventure in the South China Seas. When the Sultan of Borneo asks him to help suppress a rebellion, Brooke joins the war to suppo...

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White Heat

A dangerous cult has recently taken over the desert ghost town of Paradise, Arizona. Members worship at the feet--and in the bed--of its charismatic leader, Ethan Wycliff, and obey his orders blindly....

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The White Peacock

The White Peacock is a novel by D. H. Lawrence published in 1911. Lawrence started the novel in 1906 and then rewrote it three times. The early versions had the working title of Laetitia. Lawrence's first novel is set in the Eastwood area of his yout...

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War Of The White Death

Compelling account of the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union The Soviets expected to crush Finnish forces in mere days, but the Finns broke the Red Army's advance and held out for almost ...

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White People

It's the certainty of uncertainty in life that makes THIRD so affecting...THIRD exhales a gentle breath of autumn, a rueful awareness of death and of seasons past, that makes it impossible to dismiss it...A gracious air of both apology and forgivenes...

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White Bread

What can the history of America's one-hundred-year love-hate relationship with sliced white bread tell us about contemporary efforts to change the way we eat? Fluffy industrial loaves are about as far from slow, local, and organic as you can get, but...

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Being White, Being Good

Contemporary scholars who study race and racism have emphasized that white complicity plays a role in perpetuating systemic racial injustice. Being White, Being Good seeks to explain what scholars mean by white complicity, to explore the ethical and ...

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The Last Angry White Man

In an idiosyncratic hybrid of diary and diatribe, the author lambastes many of the cultural icons of the 1990s. Meanwhile, he stumbles toward his own conclusions about sex, art, religion & mortality. ...

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White Racism

This anthology examines Love's Labours Lost from a variety of perspectives and through a wide range of materials. Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; chara...

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The White Man's Burden

From one of the world’s best-known development economists—an excoriating attack on the tragic hubris of the West’s efforts to improve the lot of the so-called developing world In his previous bo...

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White Terror

This is the gripping story of a forgotten Russia in turmoil, when the line between government and organized crime blurred into a chaotic continuum of kleptocracy, vengeance and sadism. It tells the ta...

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A Heart So White

A breathtaking novel about family secrets, winner of the 1997 Dublin IMPAC Prize for the best novel published worldwide in English, and arguably Javier Marías's masterpiece.

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White Zombie

The 1932 horror film White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi has received controversial attention from film reviewers and scholars--but it is unarguably a cult classic worthy of study. This book analyzes the film text from nearly every possible viewpoint, ...

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The Little White Bird

The Little White Bird is a novel by J. M. Barrie, published in 1902, ranging in tone from fantasy and whimsy to social comedy with dark aggressive undertones. The book attained prominence and longevit...

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Looking White People In The Eye

Examining the classroom discussion of equity issues and legal cases involving immigration and sexual violence, Razack addresses how non-white women are viewed, and how they must respond, in classrooms and courtrooms.

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The White Eyelash

A second collection of poetry by the critically acclaimed author of Dailies & Rushes transforms the experiences of everyday life into a series of haunting, stylish poetic images. Original.

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The White Book

Through exclusive photos and personal stories, former US manager of Apple Records and Grammy Award winning producer Ken Mansfield offers a compelling memoir that delves into his life in the 1960s and '70s and his unique partnership with the Beatles a...

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White Night

The inspiration for the Sci Fi channel television series In Chicago, someone has been killing practitioners of magic, those incapable of becoming full-fledged wizards. Shockingly, all the evidence poi...

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Snow White

Graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale of a girl whose stepmother, jealous of Snow White's beauty, causes her to fall into a deep sleep.

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White Teeth

Zadie Smith’s dazzling debut caught critics grasping for comparisons and deciding on everyone from Charles Dickens to Salman Rushdie to John Irving and Martin Amis. But the truth is that Zadie Smith...

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