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Foundations Of Aural Rehabilitation

Presents an in-depth consideration of the many different patient populations. Provides research information pertinent to furnishing patients with the best possible aural rehabilitation. Offers nuts-an...

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Foundations Of Basic Nursing

Begins with student nurse skills for success which has been expanded to include information on transition from student to employee, applying for a job and resume writing with examples. Important changes in health care are covered. HIPPA has been incl...

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Foundations Of Logic And Mathematics

This modern introduction to the foundations of logic and mathematics answers many questions that usually remain unanswered: Why is the truth table for logical implication so unintuitive? Why are there no recipes to design proofs? Where do these numer...

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Foundations Of Neuroeconomic Analysis

A new academic field, neuroeconomics, has emerged at the border of the social and natural sciences. In Foundations of Neuroeconomic Analysis, Paul Glimcher argues that a meaningful interdisciplinary s...

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The Foundations Of Economic Policy

A user-friendly reinterpretation of market failure, using a wide range of modern techniques and perspectives.

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Essential Foundations Of Economics

Economics is a subject you learn by doing. Essential Foundations of Economics breaks the mold of a traditional text and becomes a practice-oriented learning system. Each chapter uses a Checklist to fo...

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Foundations Of Fuzzy Control

Foundations of Fuzzy Control: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition has been significantly revised and updated, with two new chapters on Gain Scheduling Control and Neurofuzzy Modelling. It focuses on the...

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Foundations Of Comparative Genomics

This book provides an overview of computational analysis of genes and genomes, and of some most notable findings that come out of this work. Foundations of Comparative Genomics presents a historical p...

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Foundations Of Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation is defined as "the provision of treatment and recreation services to persons with illnesses or disabling conditions". Aimed at students and professionals in the field, this book presents a comprehensive introduction to the prof...

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Foundations Of Biomedical Ultrasound

Foundations of Biomedical Ultrasound provides a thorough and detailed treatment of the underlying physics and engineering of medical ultrasound practices. It covers the fundamental engineering behind ...

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Foundations Of Social Theory

Combining principles of individual rational choice with a sociological conception of collective action, James Coleman recasts social theory in a bold new way. The result is a landmark in sociological theory, capable of describing both stability and c...

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Foundations Of Respiratory Care

The field of respiratory care continues to change and grow. New research, therapies, and theories are continually emerging. FOUNDATIONS OF RESPIRATORY CARE, SECOND EDITION is written by leading authorities who have hands on, practical knowledge of th...

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Foundations Of Predictive Analytics

Drawing on the authors’ two decades of experience in applied modeling and data mining, Foundations of Predictive Analytics presents the fundamental background required for analyzing data and building models for many practical applications, such as ...

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Foundations Of Educational Technology

The first volume in Routledge’s new Integrative Approaches to Educational Technology series focuses on fundamentals, underlying assumptions, relevant theories, and the kinds of professional activities graduates are likely to engage in.

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The Foundations Of International Investment Law

International investment law is one of the fastest growing areas of international law. It has led to the signing of thousands of agreements, mostly in the form of investment contracts and bilateral investment treaties. Also, in the last two decades, ...

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Practical Foundations Of Mathematics

Practical Foundations collects the methods of construction of the objects of twentieth-century mathematics. Although it is mainly concerned with a framework essentially equivalent to intuitionistic Ze...

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Foundations Of Environmental Physics

DIVDIVDIVFoundations of Environmental Physics is designed to focus students on the current energy and environmental problems facing society, and to give them the critical thinking and computational skills needed to sort out potential solutions. From ...

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Foundations For The Web Of Information And Services

In the mid 1990s, Tim Berners-Lee had the idea of developing the World Wide Web into a Semantic Web, a web of information that could be interpreted by machines in order to allow the automatic exploitation of data, which until then had to be done by h...

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BGA International Conference On Foundations

"Although foundation engineering is recognized as a mature discipline with geotechnics, the diversity of applications and studies evident in this book demonstrates that the field is still developing a...

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Foundations Of Mathematical Analysis

Definitive look at modern analysis, with views of applications to statistics, numerical analysis, Fourier series, differential equations, mathematical analysis, and functional analysis. More than 750 exercises. 1981 edition. Includes 34 figures.

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