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CSS3 Foundations

Master innovative and eye-catching website design with the exciting new Treehouse Series of books Turn plain words and images into stunning websites with CSS3 and this beautiful, full-color guide. Taking web designers beyond the constraints of prebui...

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Foundations Of Art And Design

Packed with hundreds of examples of classic and contemporary art, FOUNDATIONS OF ART AND DESIGN, 2E delivers a comprehensive guide to basic design that provides the ideal foundation to design principles. Appealing to readers at every ability level, t...

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Foundations Of Wellness

In Foundations of Wellness, you’ll explore physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual realms of wellness; discover wellness strategies; and learn how to make healthy behavioral changes. Foundations of Wellness will help you a...

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Foundations Of ITIL

This book and its predecessors have become the industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL. Over the years this authoritative guide has earned its place on the bookshelves and in the briefcases of industry experts as they implement best practices wit...

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Microeconomic Foundations I

Microeconomic Foundations I develops the choice, price, and general equilibrium theory topics typically found in first-year theory sequences, but in deeper and more complete mathematical form than mos...

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Foundations Of Microeconomics

This textbook provides an overview of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. It presents a survey of the key lessons of economics -- demand, supply, pricing in markets, structure of markets, monetary...

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Foundations Of Economics

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. A practice-oriented learning system that bre...

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Foundations On Rock

This second edition of the successful Foundations on Rock presents an up-to-date practical reference book describing current engineering practice in the investigation, design and construction of found...

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Foundations Of Astronomy

Fascinating, engaging, and extremely visual, Foundations of Astronomy Twelth Edition emphasizes the scientific method throughout as it guides students to answer two fundamental questions: What are we?...

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Foundations Of Learning

In this innovative and challenging book, Julie Fisher has brought together some of the country's leading early years specialists to explore how educators can establish firm foundations for young children's learning. The themes in the book are stimula...

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Foundations Of Mathematics

A practical guide to developing children's early mathematical development, written by leading early years numeracy experts.

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The Foundations Of Shiatsu

Shiatsu works by stimulating the body's vital energy flow in order to promote good health. The practitioner uses palms, thumbs and fingers, elbows, and even knees and feet to apply pressure and stretc...

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Foundations Of Electronics

From principles of basic circuits through analysis of passive and active circuit components, Foundations of Electronics is the perfect choice for introducing readers to the world of electronics techno...

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Foundations Of Anesthesia

Accompanying CD-ROM ... "allows you to download figures into PowerPoint for electronic presentations." -- p. [4] of cover.

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HTML5 Foundations

Master innovative and eye-catching website design with the exciting new Treehouse Series of books Turn plain words and images into stunning websites using HTML5 and this beautiful, full-colour guide. ...

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Foundations Of Algorithms

Foundations of Algorithms, Fourth Edition offers a well-balanced presentation of algorithm design, complexity analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity. The volume is accessible to mainstream computer science students who have a background...

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Philanthropic Foundations

"Foundations are socially and politically significant, but this simple fact . . . has mostly been ignored by students of American history. . . . This collection represents an important contribution to...

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The Foundations Of Buddhism

Buddhism is a vast and complex religious and philosophical tradition with a history that stretches over 2,500 years, and which is now followed by around 115 million people. In this introduction to the...

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Foundations Of Neuroscience

The author makes a unique contribution to the field by discussing the history and philosophy of the neurosciences, and then developing critical approaches which integrate techniques, theory, and ethics. Taken as a whole, Jacobson's work will provide ...

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Foundations For The LPC 2013 14

Foundations for the LPC covers the compulsory foundation areas of the Legal Practice Course as set out in the LPC Outcomes: Professional Conduct, Tax/Revenue Law, and Wills & Administration of Estates. The book also features content on EU and human r...

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