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War In The Twentieth Century

A timely anthology by Christian ethicists and ecclesial groups who are concerned with the justice of war in the 20th century. Seeking to sharpen our moral literacy about the ethics of war, Pope Pius X...

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Twentieth Century Art

Selective catalogue published on the occasion of the opening of the new Ludwig Museum, Cologne, September 1986.

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Twentieth Century Architecture

The Millenial edition of Twentieth Century Architecture: A Visual History adheres to the original book's aim: to chart chronologically the development, strength, diversity and complexity of modern architecture. In attempting to provide a record of th...

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Europe In The Twentieth Century

EUROPE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY is a comprehensive text with a teachable chronological approach that is a bestseller because of its depth and breadth of coverage as well as the strength of its scholarship and the reputation of its authors. With the h...

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Twentieth Century Limited

Overcoming disabling injuries, Vietnam vet Paul Bernard becomes an award-winning journalist and television newsman known for holding a mirror to American society. Long critical of the radical right, a...

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Twentieth Century Words

In Twentieth Century Words, lexicographer John Ayto takes us on an exhilarating tour of our century, charting it decade by decade by way of the words we've coined to mark our passage through time. Ayt...

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Transforming The Twentieth Century

This inquiry into the technical advances that shaped the 20th century follows the evolutions of all the principal innovations introduced before 1913 (as detailed in the first volume) as well as the or...

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Twentieth Century Tiles

Tiles of the twentieth century are diverse and interesting. This book charts the development of these tiles and considers how the manufacturers and designers met technical and artistic challenges. It ...

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Twentieth Century Newfoundland

Twentieth Century Newfoundland: Explorations brings together ten papers by eight well-known historians of Newfoundland and Labrador. The papers address a wide variety of subject matter and open many a...

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Imagining The Twentieth Century

Provides an overview of events during the twentieth century with photographs and essays

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Twentieth Century Drifter

Twentieth Century Drifter: The Life of Marty Robbins is the first biography of this legendary country music artist and NASCAR driver who scored sixteen number-one hits and two Grammy awards. Yet even with fame and fortune, Marty Robbins always yearne...

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Key Houses Of The Twentieth Century

Featuring over 100 of the most significant and influential houses of the twentieth century, For each of the houses included there are numerous, accurate scale plans showing each floor, together with elevations, sections and site plans where appropria...

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Future Of The Twentieth Century

The papers in this book consider the existence and preservation of modern materials in the textile field. This is the first publication to present modern textiles as a subject in its own right and the...

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Twentieth Century Marxism

This book outlines and assesses the Marxist tradition as it developed in the twentieth century, and considers its place and standing as we move into the twenty-first century. It is divided into three parts examining Marxism historically, geographical...

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Twentieth Century Literary Criticism

Considering The Great Popularity Of The First Four Editions Of The Book, Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, And Keeping In Mind The Valuable Suggestions Received From Several Quarters, The Present Fifth Edition Has Been Revised And Enlarged By An ...

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Suriname In The Long Twentieth Century

Despite its modest size, the South American republic of Suriname is today the site of many distinctive processes of globalization, including mass immigration and emigration, re-democratization, widening income gaps, drug trafficking, and increasing d...

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W.B. Yeats Twentieth Century Magus

W. B. Yeats: Twentieth-Century Magus explores the esoteric life of Yeats, one of the most important writers of the 20th century. In addition to being a celebrated poet, Yeats was also a leading occult...

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Encyclopedia Of Twentieth Century Architecture

"A balance of sophistication and clarity in the writing, authoritative entries, and strong cross-referencing that links archtects and structures to entries on the history and theory of the profession make this an especially useful source on a century...

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Twentieth Century Building Materials

Over the concluding decades of the twentieth century, the historic preservation community increasingly turned its attention to modern buildings, including bungalows from the 1930s, gas stations and diners from the 1940s, and office buildings and arch...

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Twentieth Century British History

Rev. ed. of: Working with sources. 1988.

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