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True Justice

The shocking death of a newborn infant leaves the public crying for revenge and a fifteen-year-old girl accused of a terrible crime, in a new thriller featuring Butch Karp, chief assistant district attorney for New York County. Reprint.

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True 3D In Cartography

As corroborated by the never-sagging and even increasing interest within the last decade, the intuitive attraction of "True 3D" in geodata presentation is well worth covering its current status and recent developments in a compendium like the present...

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True Spirituality

Tyndale celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of this twentieth-century spiritual classic with a special commemorative edition featuring new foreword by Chuck Colson and introduction by Dr. Jerram Barr...

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True Betrayals

Living at a Virginia horse farm with the mother she had never known, Kelsey Byden becomes involved with a high-stakes gambler who raises troubling questions about her mother's past

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Becoming A True Champion

Achieving Athletic Excellence from the Inside Out.

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True Myth

True Myth examines the meaning and significance of myth as understood by C.S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell and its place in the Christian faith in a technological society. C.S. Lewis defined Christianity, and being truly human, as a relationship between...

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True Believer

As a science journalist with a regular column, Jeremy Marsh specializes in debunking the supernatural--until he falls in love with the granddaughter of the town psychic. Sparks' unforgettable #1 "New ...

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Why Evolution Is True

Weaving together and explaining the latest discoveries and ideas from many disparate areas of modern science, this succinct and important book will leave no one with an open mind in any doubt about th...

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Your True Home

Bringing the energy of true presence into our lives really does change things for the better—and all it takes is a little training. This treasury of 365 gems of daily wisdom from one of the most bel...

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True Romance

True Romance, directed by Tony Scott, is a hilarious, twisted road movie about which Interview raved, "A pop-crazy, instant B classic with A clout". Alabama, a hooker, and Clarence, a comic-book store...

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True Whit

Whitney Port shares personal stories, beauty and fitness secrets, and tried-and-true advice on everything girls need to know to start their lives out with style Fashion trendsetter, MTV reality star, ...

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True West

In no other region of the United States has the notion of authenticity played such an important yet elusive role as it has in the West. Though pervasive in literature,øpopular culture, and history, assumptions about western authenticity have not rec...

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True Crime

The real-life stories collected here reflect not only the myriad ways in which a law can be broken, but also the countless ways in which crime — whether in the news or close to home — can be experienced. In these diverse and compelling narratives...

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True Porn

True Porn is back! The critically acclaimed anthology of autobiographical sex stories has returned for a second volume of funny, heart-breaking, and crazy all-true comics! Featuring some today's brigh...

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1 Horn's True Value

John Deere 36 Stake. Wagon - Pink. $119.99. 34380. John Deere Plastic. Pedal Tractor. $99.99 Each. 34986. John Deere Sit N Scoot. Buck ATV. $54.99 Each.

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True Magick

Newly revised and expanded to include 100 additional exercises, this instructional guide traces the history and lore of magick, covers several forms of magick, including shamanism, Voudun, and Qabala, and explains the basics, such as casting spells s...

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True Devotion

Kelly Jacobs has already paid the ultimate price of loving a warrior; she has the folded flag and the grateful thanks of a nation to prove it. Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Baker can't ask her to accept th...

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The True Story Of The Novel


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Steamboats Come True

First published in 1944 to unanimous praise, James Thomas Flexner's Steamboats Come True has indeed done more than stand the test of time. It remains a splendidly myth - debunking but celebratory acco...

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Growing Up True

Working toward manhood on the plains of 1940s Colorado gave one small boy lessons for life.

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