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Power Trip is intended to be a guide for parents, athletes and coaches to assist them in discovering the WHAT, HOW, WHERE AND WHY of strength training. It will allow the young athlete, or just any kids who want to be stronger and faster, to do the ri...
Title Power Trip
Category Sports & Recreation
Author Don McCauley
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Pub Date 2010-02
Number of Page 208
ISBN 9781608444465
Read 9
Last Read 2016-08-24 16:08:14
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The Power Trip

Five dynamic, Powerful and famous couples are invited on the maiden voyage of a Russian billionaire's yacht. Could this be the Trip of a lifetime? A Russian billionaire and his state of the art yacht....

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Guilt Trip

The way we see the world is changing. Once, faced with foreign wars or natural disasters, collapsing ice shelves and toxic air, we ran about screaming Oh God, what can we do? ́ scatting the tiny boxe...

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A Trip To The Stars

"A Trip to the Stars" begins in Manhattan when ten-year-old Loren is kidnapped from his young adoptive aunt, Mala, and over the next 15 years travels to realms both real and imaginary. Fusing imagination, scholarship, and suspense with remarkable nar...

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Gilt Trip

Louisiana businessman Jerry Earl Leland served only a fraction of his five-year sentence for white-collar crime, thanks to some political connections and a few greased palms. But he won’t have long ...

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Barbecue Road Trip

The all-American food as it's never been seen before--histories, techniques, culture, competitions, traditional side dishes, and classic hot spots associated with barbecue's four major regional styles.

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Sniper Elite: One Way Trip

Against the President's orders, Navy SEAL and sniper Gil Shannon leads a mission comprised of SEAL Team Six and Delta Force members into Afghanistan to rescue a female helicopter pilot held captive by the Taliban.

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Lonely Planet The Big Trip

Guides and instructs readers on preparing for overseas travel, particularly as part of a gap year, including information on volunteer organizations, job opportunities for international travelers, and ...

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The Trip To Echo Spring

Why is it that some of the greatest works of literature have been produced by writers in the grip of alcoholism, an addiction that cost them personal happiness and caused harm to those who loved them?...

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Texas Road Trip

Texas road Trip; stories from across the great state and few personal reflections.

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Slip, Trip, And Fall Prevention

More than one million people suffer from a slip, Trip, or fall each year and 17,700 died as a result of falls in 2005. They are the number one preventable cause of loss in the workplace and the leading cause of injury in public places. Completely rev...

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