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Trauma Studies And Literature

Starting from an interdisciplinary theoretical investigation of trauma, the book analyzes the relationship between Trauma Studies and literature. In particular, it focuses on Martin Amis's novel Time'...

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Trauma Case Studies For The Paramedic

Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic contains 20 case studies representing a variety of trauma emergencies, some more life-threatening than others, that the paramedic may encounter in the field. Each case study begins by presenting dispatch informat...

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The Trauma Manual: Trauma And Acute Care Surgery

No member of the emergency room or trauma ward physician should be without this 4th edition of The Trauma Manual: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. Designed to be used as a quick reference, this multidisciplinary pocket guide addresses all areas of trau...

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Beyond Trauma

This important study explores various dimensions of trauma from an integrative, interdisciplinary perspective. Articles by international experts examine cultural intricacies and the moral and politica...

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Compiled by internationally recognized experts in trauma critical care,this sourcediscusses the entire gamut of critical care management of the trauma patient and covers several common complications a...

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Trauma Fiction

The literary potential of trauma is examined in this book, bringing trauma theory and literary texts together for the first time. Trauma Fiction focuses on the ways in which contemporary novelists explore the theme of trauma and incorporate its struc...

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Trauma Care

Questo volume, che affronta globalmente la patologia traumatica nella sua complessità secondo un imprescindibile approccio multidisciplinare, rappresenta il risultato della diffusione sempre crescente della nuova cultura della gestione del “trauma...

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Literary Trauma

Examines representations of political, psychological, and sexual violence in seven novels by American women.

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Trauma Informatics

The three phases of trauma care (pre-hospital; hospital; and post- acute/rehabilitation) are based upon a philisophy of a continuum of care, which in turn necessitates a continuum of information. Trau...

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The Trauma Of Birth

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Trauma Plan

Sidelined by injuries from a vicious assault, chaplain Riley Hale is determined to return to her former duties as an ER nurse. But how can she show she’s competent when the hospital won’t let her ...

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The Trauma Of Gender

Helene Moglen offers a revisionary feminist argument about the origins, cultural function, and formal structure of the English novel. While most critics and historians have associated the novel's emer...

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Skeletal Trauma

Born out of the need to recover, analyze, and present physical evidence on thousands of individual victims of large-scale human rights violations, multi-national, multi-disciplinary forensic teams developed a sophisticated system for the examination ...

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Trauma Biomechanics

Trauma biomechanics uses the principles of mechanics to study the response and tolerance level of biological tissues under extreme loading conditions. Through an understanding of mechanical factors that influence the function and structure of human t...

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Trauma Shift

Learn what it takes to make it as an ER nurse.

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Life After Trauma

Trauma can turn your world upside down--afterward, nothing may look safe or familiar. This compassionate workbook has already helped tens of thousands of trauma survivors start rebuilding their lives. Full of practical strategies for coping and self-...

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Trauma Culture

It may be said that every trauma is two traumas or ten thousand-depending on the number of people involved. How one experiences and reacts to an event is unique and depends largely on one's direct or indirect positioning, personal psychic history, an...

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A Trauma Artist

A Trauma Artist examines how O'Brien's works variously rewrite his own traumatization during the war in Vietnam as a never-ending fiction that paradoxically "recovers" personal experience by both reca...

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Trauma Room One

The doctors who tried to save President John F. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in November of 1963 agreed-either out of respect or fear-not to publish what they had seen, heard, and felt. Then in 1990, ...

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The Politics Of War Trauma

This study compares the policies and attitudes toward the health consequences of World War II in eleven European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, East Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and West Germany. It show...

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