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TradeStation Made Easy!

Customize your trading plan for greater profits using the most popular charting software The majority of professional and individual traders use some kind of trading software on which to base their st...

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The ECG Made Easy

For forty years The ECG Made Easy has been regarded as one of best introductory guides to the ECG. With over half a million sales and translations into a dozen languages, this book, hailed by the British Medical Journal as a "medical classic", has be...

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ECG Made Easy

Interactive CD content: the technique of recording an ECG.

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MRI Made Easy

MRI Made Easy is an excellent portable pocket guide which can be consulted by the reader when monitoring scans on screen and during interpretations of images. The book is a simple overview of Magnetic...

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Selling Made Easy

Have you ever wondered why it is that a good salesperson seems to breeze right through and close sales right and left? Well, here's your opportunity to find out how they do it! Selling Made Easy is a ...

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Radiology Made Easy

A highly illustrated account of modern radiology suitable for medical students and junior doctors.

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Options Made Easy

In Options Made Easy, Second Edition, Guy Cohen clearly explains everything you need to know about options in plain English so that you can start trading fast and make consistent profits in any market...

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The New Atkins Made Easy

Offers low-cook and no-cook low-carbohydrate food options, family- and budget-friendly Atkins meal plans, and grab-and-go foods to help readers quickly lose weight and keep it off.

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Maps Made Easy Using SAS

Bring your data to life and add meaning to your information with Maps Made Easy Using SAS. Abundant real-world examples and a tutorial approach help new users create maps easily and quickly. You will learn the basic mapping components, including map ...

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Gunsmithing Made Easy

A fully illustrated, how-to handbook for the art of gunsmithing.

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Ergonomics Made Easy

Understanding and applying the principles of ergonomics consistently in an organization not only reduces the risk of employee injuries, but it also reduces an organization's costs and increases produc...

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Perspective Made Easy

Perspective is easy; yet, surprisingly few artists know the simple rules that make it so. Remedy that situation with this simple, step-by-step book, the first devoted entirely to the topic. 256 illustrations.

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Greenscreen Made Easy

Tired of finding books about greenscreen techniques that are designed for weathercasting, infomercials, and other television situations? Greenscreen Made Easy is designed to bring the necessary skills...

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Log Homes Made Easy

This book outlines what every owner-contractor needs to know before beginning a dream log home -- getting started; comparing price quotes; researching on the Internet; choosing an architect; planning ...

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GPS Made Easy 5th Edition

GPS Made Easy tells you all you need to know about using handheld GPS receivers as a tool for accurate navigation in the outdoors. It explains how GPS works, describes the features of GPS receivers, a...

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Charting Made Easy

Here is a treasure trove of easy to use tools for mapping your course through today's market. Whether you're using online charts or a professional charting software program, these techniques from mast...

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Job Interviews Made Easy

Made Easy Series Job Interviews Made Easy CONTENTS: A Look at One Job Interview; Interview Varieties; Becoming an Active Participant; the Interview; Follow Up; You're Offered the Job. Now What?; That ...

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Patternmaking Made Easy, 2nd Ed

Connie Crawford would like to introduce you to this new up-to-date edition of Patternmaking Made Easy.The strength of Patternmaking Made Easy is the visually apparent instructional layout. Continuity ...

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Facilitation Made Easy

The facilitator's task of opening up discussion, getting ideas into the open and setting broad future direction is essential if a group is to reach consensus on a particular outcome and it is now one ...

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IFRS Made Easy

The definitive guide to all things IFRS IFRS Made Easy provides complete, easy-to-navigate coverage of all International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) with concise explanations and hundreds of...

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