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Introduction to Documentary provides a one-of-a-kind overview of the most important topics and issues in documentary history and criticism. Designed for students in any field that makes use of visual evidence and persuasive strategies, from the law t...
Title Introduction To Documentary
Category Performing Arts
Author Bill Nichols
Publisher Indiana University Press
Pub Date 2001-11-12
Number of Page 248
ISBN 0253108527
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Tags Confronting Reality An Introduction To Television Documentary, Still Doing It Documentary, Collapse Documentary, Run To Daylight Documentary, The Insanity Of God Documentary

One Man's Documentary

Graham McInnes was one of many talented young people recruited by the charismatic John Grierson to build the National Film Board of Canada during the heady days of WWII. McInnes's memoir of these "day...

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Presents a history of the Documentary film.

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Documenting The Documentary

Documenting the Documentary features essays by 27 film scholars from a wide range of critical and theoretical perspectives. Each essay focuses on one or two important documentaries, engaging in questi...

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Theorizing Documentary

A key collection of essays that looks at the specific issues related to the Documentary form. Questions addressed include `What is Documentary?' and `How fictional is nonfiction?'

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Creative Documentary

What does it mean to be a Documentary filmmaker in today's world? How are new technologies changing Documentary filmmaking? What new forms of Documentary are emerging? Recent technological developments have made the making and distribution of documen...

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Documentary In The Digital Age

If you want to learn from the leading lights of today's revolution in Documentary filmmaking Maxine Baker has written the guide you need to own. You'll discover the many different and innovative appro...

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Directing The Documentary

Directing the Documentary is a comprehensive manual that has inspired over 100,000 readers worldwide. If you are interested in making Documentary films, everything you need technically and conceptually is here. Filled with practical advice on every s...

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Doing Documentary Work

Sitting in his study, William Carlos Williams once revealed to Robert Coles what he considered to be his greatest problem in writing a Documentary about his patients in New Jersey. "When Im there, sit...

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Documentary Storytelling

Documentary Storytelling is unique in offering an in-depth look at story and structure as applied not to Hollywood fiction, but to films and videos based on factual material and the drama of real life. With the growing popularity of documentaries in ...

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Feminism And Documentary

Documentary and feminist film studies have long been separate or parallel universes that need to converse or collide. The essays in this volume, written by prominent scholars and filmmakers, demonstra...

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