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The Unseen Hand

Ralph Epperson contends that the major events of the past, the revolutions, the wars, the depressions and the revolutions, have been planned years in advance by an international conspiracy. He puts fo...

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Effect Of Hand Splints On Stereotypic Hand Behavior Of Three

Drome are stereotypic hand-wringing and hand-biting behavior and loss of pre- recorded during a finger-feeding condition and a free-time condition. All three.

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All That Is Seen And Unseen

In the pre-Katrina boom days of 2005, executive consultant Jim Wright was dispatched to a community college in El Pequeno, a middling town located in the backwaters of California's Central Valley. His mission: to parlay a perfunctory "technology asse...

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Alif The Unseen

“G. Willow Wilson has a deft hand with myth and with magic, and the kind of smart, honest writing mind that knits together and bridges cultures and people. You should read what she writes.”—Neil...

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Mirror Of The Unseen

A new version of the complete spiritual discourses of the Sufi Master, Jalal al-Din Rumi, a great spiritual teacher to be sure, a great poet certainly, a guide to all on the spiritual path and a friend to those unsure of the way. Jalal al-Din Rumi fo...

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The Unseen Power

Based largely on primary sources, this book presents the first detailed history of public relations from 1900 through the 1960s. The author utilized the personal papers of John Price Jones, Ivy L. Lee...

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Cobain Unseen

An unparalleled look inside the brilliant mind of one of America's most revered rock legends, Cobain Unseen collects previously unseen artifacts and photographs from the estate's archives to form a fa...

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Unseen Danger

The true story of the Centralia mine fire; a government's indecisiveness and a town's struggle for survival.

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Encyclopedia Of The Unseen World

An A-Z encyclopedia of the unseen and the unknown world of psychics, channeling, mediums, mystics, near death experiences, prophets, shadow people, death bed visions, astral projection and more. The E...

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Edgar Cayce On Angels, Archangels And The Unseen Forces

Edgar Cayce On Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces is the first book ever published that explores Edgar Cayce's readings on the "Angels and Unseen Forces," Michael the Archangel, and the role of ...

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Hand In Hand Haier

Page: 1 HAND in HAND HIGHER and HIGHER Haier Air conditioner For EuropeFor Europe

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The Red Right Hand

Movie star... comic book icon... John Constantine, the legendary chain-smoking, hard-drinking man of the occult is back - and as usual, heżs his own worst enemy! Constantineżs trip to Scotland has e...

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Hand To Eye

This sequel to Pen and Mouse features the work of 45 illustrators worldwide. Including both commissioned artwork and experimental projects, their work shows that computer illustration continues to push boundaries, although there has been a noticeable...

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The Black Hand

Unraveling the truth about the sinister extortion scheme that preyed on innocent Chicagoans

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The Right Hand Of Doom

The Right Hand of Doom follows Hellboy, the paranormal investigator, through various dark adventures.

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Hand To Type

Hand to type is a stunning compilation of handmade and digital scripts that showcases the beauty of handwritten letterforms. The book features work by some of today's most successful and original call...

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The Visible Hand

Examines the processes of production and distribution in the U.S. and the ways in which their management has become increasingly systematized

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The Power Of Your Other Hand

Brain researchers in recent years have discovered the vast, untapped potential of the brain's little used, right hemisphere. Lucia Capacchione has discovered that our non-dominant hand is a direct channel to that potential and, through the "other han...

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Reagan, In His Own Hand

Presents a collection of annotated documents that reveal how Ronald Reagan served as the intellectual architect of the 1980s prosperity and of the strategy that won the Cold War.

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A Lantern In Her Hand

First published in 1928, A Lantern in Her Hand has outlasted literary fashions to touch generations of readers. In this classic story of a pioneer woman, Bess Streeter Aldrich modeled protagonist Abbie Deal on her own mother, who in 1854 had traveled...

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