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The Parting Gifts Walkin Through The Sleepy City Free eBook Download

Parting Gifts

Marrying Maddie, a woman who works in a brothel in order to survive, widower Charles Lawson hopes to provide his three children with a loving mother until his terminal illness causes him to arrange a ...

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Parting The Desert

Award-winning historian Zachary Karabell tells the epic story of the greatest engineering feat of the nineteenth century--the building of the Suez Canal-- and shows how it changed the world. The dream...

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A Mother's Parting Gift

Archie strives to make a better life for himself by hard work and social climbing. He wants to forget the poverty of his childhood. Audrey wants to forget the restrictions of her sheltered life and be...

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Someone's Sleepy

"A mother readies her child for bed as they do nighttime rituals like taking a bath and brushing teeth. Once tucked under the covers with stuffed animals and a nightlight, the child is lulled to sleep...

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The Sleepy Little Alphabet

Sleepy letters of the alphabet get ready for bed.

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

A superstitious schoolmaster, in love with a wealthy farmer's daughter, has a terrifying encounter with a headless horseman.

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Legends And Lore Of Sleepy Hollow And The Hudson Valley

Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is one of the best-known works of American literature. But what other myths lie hidden behind the landscape of New York's Hudson Valley? Imps cause mischief on the Hudson River; a white lady haunts Ra...

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The Last Gifts

We can all learn to open our hearts to hear what a dying person really needs at the end of his life if we are just able to listen. --Jillian Brasch, OTR, The Last Gifts The Last Gifts tells the storie...

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Last Best Gifts

More than any other altruistic gesture, blood and organ donation exemplifies the true spirit of self-sacrifice. Donors literally give of themselves for no reward so that the life of an individual—of...

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13 Gifts

When soon-to-be-13 Tara spends her summer with her bratty cousin Emily St. Claire in Willow Falls as punishment for a stunt-gone-wrong, she decides that it's time to break out of her shell. By the author of A Mango-Shaped Space. 50,000 first printing.

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Gifts Anytime

Did you know that the average person buys nearly 50 gifts each year-and that finding the perfect present is a quandary most gift-buyers face with each gift-giving occasion they celebrate? Well, here's the solution they've been seeking: Gifts Anytime:...

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Gifts From The Broken Jar

Everyone, at some time, learns how life can change in a moment: with the crossing of the center line on a highway or the reading of a blood test; a telephone's knell in the still of night or a spouse'...

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Cat Bearing Gifts

In this latest entry in Shirley Rousseau Murphy's award-winning series, feline P.I. Joe Grey and his four-legged cohorts are plunged into a nightmarish mystery. On the way home from visiting their fri...

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Simple Gifts

Four holiday tales capture the magic and romance of the Christmas season.

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Gifts&essentials Mdv 4x4

HAYNES RESTORATION MANUALS. (Range Rover / Land Rover series / Defender). These manuals go a step further from their well renowned service manuals 

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A Time Of Gifts

At the age of eighteen, Patrick Leigh Fermor set off from the heart of London on an epic journey—to walk to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is the rich account of his adventures as far as Hungary, a...

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Winning Gifts

The secret to getting gifts and making donors feel like winners. Know the best approaches to people-centered fundraising. Understand the role of executive director, fundraisers, program managers, and ...

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Gifts Of Self Esteem

It is a profound and simple truth: the way we feel about ourselves and the happiness we find in this life is largely determined by our possession of spiritual gifts, especially the three most importan...

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Gifts From The Poor

Travel with one of America's most unconventional medical adventurers as he heals a wounded world. Surgeon and educator Glenn W Geelhoed has led medical students, residents, and physicians on more than...

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One Thousand Gifts

Drawing heartbreaking beauty out of the simplest of details, Ann Voskamp invites you into her grace-bathed life of farming, parenting, and writing---and deeper still into your own life. Here you will ...

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