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The Killer Angels

Portraits of Lee, Longstreet, and other Civil War leaders are interwoven with historical detail to provide a fictional recreation of the bloody battle at Gettysburg

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The Information Contained In This Publication Was Correct At The Time

Ford Motor Company 2012. All rights . Ford authorized service facilities, and that provided to you along with your Owner's. Manual. Special Instructions.

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Shark!: Killer Tales From The Dangerous Depths: Killer Tales From The Dangerous Depths Large Print 16pt

SHARK! The cry that strikes fear into the hearts of beach lovers around the world. It carries a chill of terror, that death is nearby and waiting. Or injuries so shocking that the mind recoils from the thought. This book chronicles shark attacks both...

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Killer Germs

Everything readers ever wanted to know about deadly viruses, killer parasites, flesh-eating microbes, and other lifethreatening beasties but were afraid to ask What disease, known as "the White Death"...

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Killer Elite

A history of the elite U.S. Army special operations unit known as The Activity describes their organization after the failed hostage rescue attempt in 1980 and their clandestine missions, from the ass...

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Killer Whales

This new edition of this best-selling book presents updated results ofover twenty-five years of killer whale research in British Columbia andWashington. Intended for both whale enthusiasts and researchers, itcontains the latest information on killer ...

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Portrait Of A Killer

Using the firsthand expertise she has gained through writing the bestselling Dr Kay Scarpetta novels, Patricia Cornwell has used the demanding methods of modern forensic investigation to re-examine th...

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Pain Killer

Examines OxyContin, the so-called miracle prescription drug that swept the nation but led to overdoes and addiction, providing a look at the multi-billion-dollar pain managment business, its excesses and its abuses.

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Killer Show

The definitive book on The Station nightclub fire on the 10th anniversary of the disaster

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Killer's Prey

Revisit Conard County for heart-stopping suspense from New York Times bestselling author Rachel Lee After escaping an attacker who wanted her dead, Nora Loftis is forced to return to Conard County. She needs to heal; she just didn't expect to do it o...

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Killer Heat

The bodies of seven women have been discovered in Skull Valley, Arizona. Jonah Young, a private security operative from Department 6, has been hired by the Yavapai County sheriff to assist in solving these murders. But Jonah's not prepared for the co...

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Killer Fiction

Including a foreword by a woman who once dated him, the perverse, violent stories, poetry, and fantastic scribblings of a man convicted in 1972 of murdering two women chart the killer's extreme pathol...

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Killer Weed

Since the late 1990s, marijuana grow operations have been identified by media and others as a new and dangerous criminal activity of “epidemic” proportions. With Killer Weed, Susan C. Boyd and Connie Carter use their analysis of fifteen years of ...

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Killer's Kiss

Fear Street -- where your worst nightmares live... Delia and Karina are always competing. From getting the best grades, to being the most popular, to dating the cutest guys -- they always fight for th...

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Killer Facebook Ads

Expert Facebook advertising techniques you won't find anywhere else! Facebook has exploded to a community of more than half a billion people around the world, making it a deliciously fertile playgroun...

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Amy: My Search For Her Killer

A journalist investigates a cold case that has haunted him since childhood: the 1989 disappearance of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic from Bay Village, OH. Filled with mysterious riddles, incredible coincidences, and a cast of unusual but very real charac...

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Killer Cure

Killer Cure will change forever how you think about your health and health care. Leaving conventional wisdom in the dust, Killer Cure reveals startling and unforgettable insights: Why health care in America accidentally kills 12,000 people each week ...

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Killer Frost

I've battled the Reapers of Chaos before—and survived. But this time I have a Bad, Bad Feeling it's going to be a fight to the death. . .most likely mine. Yeah, I've got my psychometry magic, my talking sword, Vic, and even the most dangerous Sparta...

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Unleashing The Killer App

Now in Paperback--A Business Week Bestseller! Over 100,000 hardcover copies sold! When technologies, products, and services converge in radical, creative new ways, a killer app can emerge--a new appli...

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Killer B Story

Why the Honda/Acura B-Series engine is the powerhouse of the import Integra, del Sol Si and the Civic Si, the B-series is also a popular and very easy swap . is more desirable for a bolt on supercharger or turbocharger kit because of this.

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