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Nutrition Almanac, Fifth Edition

Painstakingly updated to include recent scientific findings, this new edition analyzes the latest developments in nutritional research and health maintenance and includes an expanded section on herbs and homeopathy.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy And Lactation

Authorities agree that nutritional care for pregnant, about-to-be pregnant, and nursing women can prevent health problems that are costly in terms of both dollars and quality of life. Yet many women still receive little guidance regarding maternal nu...

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Nutrition Therapy And Pathophysiology

NUTRITION THERAPY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, 2e provides a comprehensive focus on pathophysiology and medical treatment with a thorough review of the most current research and application of evidence-based ...

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Life Span Nutrition

This book covers nutritional needs over the entire life span, from prenatal to elder years. It focuses on nutrition during pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Each life span sec...

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The Everything Family Nutrition Book

It can be hard to distinguish between fact and fiction when it comes to food and nutrition. This book informs families about their food choices so they can eat healthier meals together together and features 125 delicious recipes, including: Banana Wa...

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Nutrition For Healthy Living

Completely revised and up-to-date with MyPlate, Healthy People 2020 and Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, Nutrition for Healthy Living takes an innovative approach to introductory nutrition for non-science majors. With its unique, concise organ...

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Foods & Nutrition Section

Cool Cupcakes From Wilton . III- . Decorate cupcake tops with tip 18 pull-out star fur in blue, orange, . Bake and cool 2-layer cake in round pan. Prepare.

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Advanced Human Nutrition

Rev. ed. of: Advanced human nutrition / Robert E.C. Wildman, Denis M. Medeiros. 2000.

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Public Health Nutrition

Issues related to nutrition are among the most pressing public health concerns in modern times. Worldwide, nearly 1 billion individuals are undernourished, with over a billion more individuals deficient in protein or one or more essential micronutrie...

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The Mineral Nutrition Of Livestock

This edition is a thorough revision of the previous. There are 3 chapters on general principles, natural sources of minerals, and detection and correction of mineral imbalances in animals. Individual chapters are given to Ca, P, Mg, Na and Cl, K, S, ...

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The Functional Nutrition Cookbook

This unique cookbook with a CD-ROM of printable recipes looks beyond intervening in the symptoms of health problems and addresses the ways in which diet can be used to help correct underlying imbalanc...

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Artificial Nutrition And Hydration

Pope John Paul II surprised much of the medical world in 2004 with his strongly worded statement insisting that patients in a persistent vegetative state should be provided with nutrition and hydration. While many Catholic bioethicists defended the P...

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Introduction To Human Nutrition

In this second edition of the introductory text in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Introduction to Human Nutrition has been revised and updated to meet the needs of the contemporary student. Introduction to Human Nutrition is an esse...

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Nutrition Labeling Handbook

This handbook examines the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) passed by Congress in 1990. It discusses the history of the NLEA and its impact on various segments of the food industry, making complex and detailed regulations easily understa...

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Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

As one of the most respected nutrition life cycle texts in the higher education market, NUTRITION THROUGH THE LIFE CYCLE, Fifth Edition uses current research to explain the nutritional foundations necessary for the growth, development, and normal fun...

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Nutrition In Kidney Disease

Nutrition in Kidney Disease, Second Edition addresses the relationships between nutrition and (1) normal kidney function and disease, (2) the progressiveness of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and strategies to prevent further compromise, and (3) the tr...

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Clinical Nutrition In Practice

An easy-to-use book with questions on clinical nutrition clearly posed and answers based on real-life studies, this is a ready reference for the busy healthcare professional. Clinical Nutrition in Practice opens with introductory chapters on the basi...

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Pocket Atlas Of Nutrition

With obesity and diabetes assuming alarming epidemic proportions, diet and nutrition are in the spotlight more than ever before. It has never been more important for health care professionals to be well informed, not only about the latest development...

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Nutrition Your Life Science

NUTRITION: YOUR LIFE SCIENCE allows you to spend more time on what matters--teaching--through the unique partnership of a modular print text and interactive online lessons and study tools that together create an integrated, user-friendly teaching and...

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Nutrition And Type 2 Diabetes

Over the past two decades, type 2 diabetes has emerged as a leading threat to global health, and the considerable overlap in obesity and diabetes trends are likely no coincidence. While the underpinnings for both etiologies are linked to lifestyles, ...

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