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Reading And Writing Grade By Grade

"A tool for analyzing literacy skills and setting specific targets for learning for your kindergartners through third graders. You'll discover what abilities and understandings K-3 students can be expected to have about the print-sound code, comprehe...

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Enneagram Transformations

Offers individuals of each enneagram type meditations that can help increase awareness of pains and personal strengths, and foster change

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Housing Transformations

Including illustrated case study examples, this original and groundbreaking book explores a wide range of literature, combines social theory with elements from the built environment disciplines and ex...

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Transmissions And Transformations

Contributed articles presented at an international symposium, organized in collaboration with UNESCO Regional Office, Bangkok and the Center of International Arts Education, New York, held at New Delh...

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Intimate Transformations

This inspiring volume highlights the importance of infant observation in psychotherapy training, as well as its benefits for the observer's personal growth. Following Esther Bick's infant observation ...

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Great Transformations

An analysis of political power of economic ideas used by domestic groups to effect change.

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Function Transformations

Determine the equation and sketch the graph of the inverse relation, given in Pre-Calculus 12 to activate students' prior . BLM U11 Unit 1 Project Checklist.

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Transformations Of Lamarckism

A reappraisal of Lamarckism--its historical impact and contemporary significance.

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Comparative Economic Transformations

This pathbreaking work attempts to understand China's economic policies by examining the political logic behind economic reforms in authoritarian, command-economy states from the wholly original persp...

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Geometric Transformations For 3D Modeling

Written from a mathematical standpoint accessible to students, teachers, and professionals studying or practicing in engineering, mathematics, or physics, the new second edition is a comprehensive int...

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Phase Transformations In Steels

The processing-microstructure-property relationships in steels continue to present challenges to researchers. This major two-volume work summarizes the current state of research on phase transformatio...

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Transformations In Global Governance

This book brings attention to the growing complexity of managing multinational firms in light of the rise to significant power of non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International and the a...

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Gendering Global Transformations

The authors collected in Gendering Global Transformations: Gender, Culture, Race, and Identity probe the effects of global and local forces in reshaping notions of gender, race, class, identity, human rights, and community across Africa and its Diasp...

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Geometry Of Möbius Transformations

This book is a unique exposition of rich and inspiring geometries associated with Möbius transformations of the hypercomplex plane. the presentation is self-contained and based on the structural prop...

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European Destiny, Atlantic Transformations

With the fall of its centuries-old empire in 1974-1975, Portugal embarked on a transitional period that reconciled a long tradition of acting out national interests overseas with the need to integrate itself into Western Europe. The result has been a...

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Name Reactions Of Functional Group Transformations

This practical, well-organized reference delves deeply into functional group transformations, to provide all the detailed information that researchers need. Topics are organized into the following sec...

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Theory And Practice Of Model Transformations

The LNCS series reports state-of-the-art results in computer science research, development, and education, at a high level and in both printed and electronic form. Enjoying tight cooperation with the R&D community, with numerous individuals, as well ...

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Ethical Transformations For A Sustainable Future

It has become increasingly apparent that humanity's complex social, political, and economic systems are incompatible with the finite capacity of the Earth to replenish resources and absorb wastes. If ...

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Latin American Democratic Transformations

Latin American Democratic Transformations explores the manner in which Latin American societies seek to consolidate and deepen their democracies in adverse domestic and international circumstances. Th...

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Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations

This book details what you really do to transform your supply management operation into a world-class performer. It shows how to assess your existing operation situation prior to beginning the improve...

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