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Moneyball Movie Tie In Edition Movie Tie In Editions

“You need know absolutely nothing about baseball to appreciate the wit, snap, economy . . . and incisiveness of [Moneyball]. Lewis has hit another one out of the park.” —Janet Maslin, New York T...

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The Art Of Bee Movie

Presents more than three hundred full-color images from the film, including pastels, digital paintings, sketches, and clay models, along with quotes from the artists, production designers, producers, ...

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The Movie Guide

This authoritative, single-volume reference provides key information not available in other guides, covering more than 3,000 of the most important films ever made--from classics to cult hits and "slee...

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Shakespeare, The Movie, II

Following on from the phenomenally successful Shakespeare, The Movie, this volume brings together an invaluable new collection of essays on cinematic Shakespeares in the 1990s and beyond. Shakespeare, The Movie II: *focuses for the first time on the ...

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Movie Wars

Contrary to what a number of disillusioned critics have written and what appears to be the pervading conventional wisdom, Jonathan Rosenbaum believes that cinema is very much alive and well. The problem is, he feels, that all too often we just do not...

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The Lego Movie

Brickowski, voiced by Chris Pratt, an ordinary construction worker who greets the world Emmet falls down a hole one day and finds a mysterious artifact, the .

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Movie Quartets For All

Movie Quartets for All is a versatile, educational, and fun series intended for like or mixed instruments to perform in any size group or combination of instruments. Perfect for concerts with family a...

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3D Movie Making

Hollywood is going 3D, read this book to understand why and how, and to secure your next job on a 3D movie. Making a 3D movie is much more than shooting with a 3D camera and showing it in a 3D theater. Each and every step of the movie production cycl...

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Art Of Pokemon, The Movie

Shows and describes characters and settings from the animated film, and identifies a variety of Pokemon

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Movie Lists

Action, African greats, alcohol, Robert Aldrich, aliens, Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Robert Altman, animated, anime, apocalypses, Argentina, art, Asia minor, avant garde... And that's just A for you. A taste of this fabulously quirky and enjoyable ...

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Sci Fi Movie Freak

Sci-Fi Movie Freak is packed with the spine-tingling excitement and trhilling moments that have made sci-fi movies a beloved genre. This book celebrates over 100 diverse movies that have helped raise ...

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Your Movie Sucks

Roger Ebert's I Hated Hated Hated This Movie, which gathered some of his most scathing reviews, was a best-seller. This new collection continues the tradition, reviewing not only movies that were at t...

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Pokemon The First Movie

When Giovanni's scientists clone Mewtwo from rare PokTmon Mew, they get more than they bargained for, in a graphic novel illustrated with actual cels from the hit movie. Original.

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Best Movie Scenes

When movie fans talk about their favorite films, they most often mention one or two particular scenes that they never tire of watching. This witty and engaging volume catalogs more than 500 of the mos...

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Make Your Movie

"This book is about how to work with people in the film industry, about who they are, what they do, and what they need. Most importantly for you, it is also about how to become one of them. Make your movie is a straightforward and comprehensive must-...

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Classic Movie Monsters

A critical and historical look at Hollywood's nine most famous fiends and monsters, including the Wolf Man, Dr. Jekyll, the Invisible Man, the Mummy, Godzilla, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

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" Ronald Reagan " The Movie

"Fresh, provocative, and full of vitality, this is a first-rate contribution to the study of political culture. It should be read not only by political scientists, political theorists, and sociologist...

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Movie Guide 2009

For many years, ZAGAT Survey has reported on the shared experiences of diners and travellers. It has since expanded to cover entertaining, nightlife, shopping and golf. Now ZAGAT brings you the ultima...

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Horror Movie Freak

You'll scream with delight while reading this fun and engaging book that discusses fright flicks all horror fans need to see to ascend to the level of a true Horror Freak—from classics (Dracula and ...

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Ebert's Little Movie Glossary

Provides humorous definitions and descriptions for cliche scenes and gimmicks used in motion pictures

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