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In the sciences, the experimental approach has proved its worth in generating what subsequently requires understanding. Can the emergent field of artistic research be inspired by recent thinking about the history and workings of science?
Title Experimental Systems
Category Art
Author Michael Schwab
Publisher Leuven University Press
Pub Date 2014-01-14
Number of Page 229
ISBN 9789058679734
Read 5
Last Read 2016-06-17 22:28:36
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Focusing on the various aspects of human behaviour, the book introduces the nature and theories of sensation, perception, learning, memory, psychophysics and other areas involved in psychology. It als...

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Experimental Painting

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Experimental Theatre

`It is a pleasure to read. Well-written, free of cant, impressively wide-ranging. The book is really an introduction to the avant-garde.' - John Lahr

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Experimental Glycoscience

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Experimental Music

Composer Michael Nyman's classic 1974 account of the postwar Experimental tradition in music.

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Not Either An Experimental Doll

"... remarkable... " —Foreign Affairs "... illuminates the workings of institutionalized racism through the correspondence of three South African women in the 1940s and ’50s." —Feminist Bookstore News "The history of a place and time is made vi...

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Features: Computational Design Group and Sustainability and Advanced Modeling Group at Aedas; Specialist Modeling Group at Foster + Partners; GXN, Advanced Building Initiative, Hoberman Associates and Buro Happold; and Biomimicry Guild Partnership, N...

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Electronic And Experimental Music

Electronic and Experimental Music: Technology, Music, and Culture, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive history of electronic music, covering key composers, genres, and techniques used in both analog and digital synthesis. This textbook has been g...

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Experimental Methods In Tribology

This is an indespensible guide to both researchers in academia and industry who wish to perform tribological experiments more effectively. With an extensive range of illustrations which communicate th...

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Practical And Experimental Robotics

Taking a completely hands-on approach, using cheap and easily available robotics kits, Practical and Experimental Robotics provides a detailed exploration of the construction, theory, and experiments for different types of robots. With topics ranging...

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