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Twelve lessons for healing from the loss of love, presented in an allegorical tale of a child who meets a magical black swan after she is abandoned in the forest by her father. This story within a sto...
Title Black Swan
Category Family & Relationships
Author Susan Anderson
Publisher Partners Publishing Group
Pub Date 2000-03-01
Number of Page 111
ISBN 0967375517
Read 137
Last Read 2016-04-07 04:53:31
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The Black Swan

After his wife's untimely death, a powerful sorcerer dedicates his life to seeking revenge against all womankind. He turns his captives into beautiful Swans--who briefly regain human form by the fleet...

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Masumi, from rural Japan, wants more than anything to be a prima ballerina, and although her training lags behind others in many competitions, her inner strength and poise will help her overcome those...

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Swan Song

In a nightmarish, post-holocaust world, an ancient evil roams a devastated America, gathering the forces of human greed and madness, searching for a child named Swan who possesses the gift of life.

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The Silver Swan

Time has moved on for Quirke, the world-weary pathologist first encountered in Christine Falls. It is the middle of the 1950s, that low, dishonourable decade; a woman he loved has died, a man he once ...

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The Swan Thieves

Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession and the painting hobby he loves, has a solitary but ordered life. When renowned painter Robert Oliver attacks a canvas in the National Gallery of ...

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Swan's Knight

"Deborah Harvey's new work, inspired by a true life romance, demonstrates her keen sense of detailed descriptions on everything from fashion, to horses, history, and beyond. All of this adds up to a m...

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The Swan Maiden

In the sequel to The Stone Maiden, Scottish patriot Juliana Lindsey finds herself torn between duty and desire when she finds herself falling in love with Gawain Avenel, a knight who has sworn devotio...

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In Search Of The Swan Maiden

In such seminal works as Madness and Civilization, Discipline and Punish, and The History of Sexuality, the late philosopher Michel Foucault explored what our politics, our sexuality, our societal con...

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The Beatles Swan Song

The Beatles Swan Song is the sixth and final installment in Bruce Spizer's critically accliamined books on the Beatles American records. It tells the fascinating stories behind the records released by...

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"Expanding The Canon": Sister Souljah And Sapphire, Two Non Canonical Black Female Write

Non-canonical literature that reflects Black urban street life is embraced by a new readership as an alternate expression of the Black female image. This new expression reflects the shift of the Black...

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