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A top entrepreneur helps readers breathe life into a stagnant business by overhauling their approach to branding and customer service. Packed with 75 simple, actionable strategies straight from the trenches of the service industry, this book explores...
Title Selling Sunshine
Category Business & Economics
Author Tony Hartl
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group
Pub Date 2011-01-01
Number of Page 221
ISBN 9781608320592
Read 11
Last Read 2016-08-14 02:54:54
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Selling Time And Selling Price: The Inuence Of Seller

Price and sale price. A new survey of home sellers suggests that sellers are heterogeneous in their motivation to sell. Our ndings are that a seller who, at.

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Selling To The C Suite: What Every Executive Wants You To Know About Successfully Selling

It’s the goal of every salesperson: getting access to senior client executives—the C-Level decision makers responsible for approving top-dollar deals. Selling to the C-Suite is the first book that reveals how to land those career-making sales in ...

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After losing her husband of 61 years of marriage, Thelma resists leaving her home until her children make the decision that it is too dangerous for her to live at home alone and move her into a nursing home. She is subsequently diagnosed with Lewy Bo...

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Cooking With Sunshine

What could be more entertaining and magical than putting food into a cardboard box outdoors on a sunny day and taking it out fully cooked a few hours later? Solar cooking -- a safe, simple cooking met...

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Hurry Down Sunshine

One summer evening Michael Greenberg's daughter Sally was brought home by the police after rushing into a busy road in Greenwich Village, convinced she could halt the oncoming traffic. The mania had come over her abruptly: her habit of poring obsessi...

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Land Of Sunshine

Most people equate Los Angeles with smog, sprawl, forty suburbs in search of a city-the great "what-not-to-do" of twentieth-century city building. But there's much more to LA's story than this shallow...

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The Junction Of Sunshine And Lucky

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” meets Because of Winn Dixie in this inspiring story of hope. August “Auggie” Jones lives with her Grandpa Gus, a trash hauler, in a poor part of town. So when her...

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Kisses Of Sunshine For Sisters

Sunshine for Sisters is about celebrating sisterhood---sisterhood that happens as a result of being born and bonded into the same family and sisterhood that emerges simply from the love growing inside...

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The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

A history of the Tampa Bay area's famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

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Sunshine On Scotland Street

As the sun rises over the Georgian townhouses of Scotland Street, its most delightfully eccentric residents have burning questions on their minds. Will Big Lou find true love at last? How will Bertie'...

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