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Strategic Leadership And Strategic Management

Leaders and managers face tremendous pressure to keep their organizations moving forward successfully. It can seem like an impossible task amid economic uncertainty and hyper-competition. The roles of...

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Strategic Management

Designed to facilitate understanding and retention of the material presented, each chapter contains the following pedagogical features:u Opening Case: Each chapter begins with an opening case highligh...

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Strategic IT Management

IT is not a cost factor but a tool in order to cut process costs in a company. This message cannot be elaborated enough in times of restrictive budgets. The book focuses on how a company with tight resources can generate value ? using standard as wel...

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Strategic Planning For Project Management Using A Project Management Maturity Model

"It has often been said that 'to improve, one must be prepared to measure the improvement' and 'one must inspect what one expects.' The Kerzner Project Management Maturity Model has provided this tang...

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Strategic Management In The Arts

This book looks at the unique characteristics of cultural organizations and shows readers how to tailor a strategic plan to help these organizations meet their objectives. Including examples, cases, q...

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Strategic International Management

"Strategic International Management" takes a global perspective and covers the major aspects of international business strategies. It introduces the complexity of international business based on the perspective of Multinational Corporations as inter-...

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Strategic Intelligence Management

Strategic Intelligence Management introduces both academic researchers and law enforcement professionals to contemporary issues of national security and information management and analysis. This contributed volume draws on state-of-the-art expertise ...

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Strategic Retail Management

Joachim Zentes/Dirk Morschett/Hanna Schramm-Klein Strategic Retail Management Text and International Cases This is not a traditional textbook or collection of case studies, but is intended to demonstrate the complex and manifold questions of retail m...

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Strategic Stress Management

Stress has recently overtaken the common cold as the most common cause of sick leave in many European countries and is a major cause of concern for companies worldwide. Why then do most of the 'Coping with Stress' texts to be found in bookshops consi...

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Foundations In Strategic Management

FOUNDATIONS IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, 4E, embraces recent changes to the business environment by including topics many strategic management texts miss. New coverage includes strategizing in the global arena, the challenges of increased globalization, ...

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Essentials Of Strategic Management

Thorough yet concise, ESSENTIALS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, Third Edition, is a brief version of the authors' market-leading text STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH. Following the same framewo...

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Strategic Cost Management

In this book, Shank and Govindarajan demonstrate how strategic cost management - an analytical framework which relates meaningful accounting information to a firm's business strategy - is changing accounting practices in leading companies. Using case...

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Global Strategic Management

International business is undergoing continuous transformation as multinational firms and comparative management evolve in the changing global economy. To succeed in this challenging environment firms...

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Strategic Operations Management

This revitalized new edition of Strategic Operations Management focuses on the four core themes of operations strategy, a vital topic for any company's objectives: strategy, innovation, services, and ...

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Strategic Management In Aviation

In a period of unprecedented turmoil in the airline industry - deregulation, privatisation, terrorism threats and sky rocketing fuel prices - successful implementation of a winning strategy has never ...

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Strategic Management Dynamics

Award winning author Kim Warren presents his new book: Strategic Management Dynamics - a complete framework in the field of Strategic Management. Strategic Management Dynamics builds on, and goes substantially beyond the existing strategy textbooks w...

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Strategic Marketing Management

This third edition of Strategic Marketing Management confirms it as the classic textbook on the subject. Its step- by- step approach provides comprehensive coverage of the five key strategic stages: *...

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Principles Of Strategic Management

Now published in its Third Edition, Principles of Strategic Management by Tony Morden is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the study and practice of strategic management. T...

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Strategic Management Concepts

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: COMPETITIVENESS AND GLOBALIZATION, 7th edition provides the most accurate, relevant, and complete presentation of strategic management today. Each edition is thoroughly updated t...

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Strategic Security Management

Strategic Security Management supports data driven security that is measurable, quantifiable and practical. Written for security professionals and other professionals responsible for making security d...

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