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Stormy Weather

At long last, the first serious biography of entertainment legend Lena Horne -- the celebrated star of film, stage, and music who became one of the first African-American icons. At the 2001 Academy Aw...

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The Handy Weather Answer Book

Updated to include the latest advances in meteorology and climate change, a comprehensive reference covers all of the basic elements of weather and weather phenomena as well as the science of forecasting, in a guide that also evaluates the relationsh...

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William C. Van Horne

William C. Van Horne was one of North America's most accomplished men. Born in Illinois in 1843, Van Horne started working in the railway business at a young age. In 1881 he was lured north to Canada to become general manager of the fledgling Canadia...

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The Fair Weather And Rainy Day Handy Book

From the author of The American Boy's Handy Book comes yet another guide to wholesome, imaginative fun. This book features dozens of indoor and outdoor activities, with simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams for building a backyard clubhouse...

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Text Book Of Long Range Weather Forecasting

George J. McCormack, (1887-1974) had a life-long interest in astrology and the weather. Inspired by the astrometeorological work of A.J. Pearce (1840-1923), McCormack meticulously tracked and recorded...

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The Weather Classroom Elementary Weather Teacher

Weather Classroom programming episode entitled Elementary Weather. The program . flip chart, white board, or blackboard to record student comments.

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Stormy Skies

As the airline industry struggles to extricate itself from its latest crisis, the time has come to examine the fundamentals of airline business strategy in a more innovative way and find answers to th...

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Dark And Stormy Knights

It was a dark and stormy knight, and nine dark defenders embarked upon a most perilous quest…. They’re the ultimate defenders of humanity—modern day knights who do dark deeds for all the right r...

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One Stormy Night Mills & Boon Intrigue

She fled while a hurricane raged Jessica Randall knew there were secrets that had to be uncovered in this community. A corrupt sheriff, an estranged husband, a killer to be caught – all these she co...

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Weather On The Air

The first comprehensive history of its kind, Weather on the Air explores the many forces that have shaped weather broadcasts over the years, including the long-term drive to professionalize weathercasting, the complex relations between government and...

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Under The Weather:

Since the dawn of medical science, people have recognized connections between a change in the weather and the appearance of epidemic disease. With today's technology, some hope that it will be possible to build models for predicting the emergence and...

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Appropriating The Weather

"Very thoughtful and extremely well-researched."—Isis

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Changing Weather

This collection of poems is a creel of lovely rainbows. Halperin snaps his line into deep pools and reels in flashing revelations. Whether he watches a flock of jays jabbering or observes Satan murmur...

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Weather Derivatives

"Weather derivatives are financial instruments that can be used by organizations or individuals as part of a risk management strategy to minimize risk associated with adverse or unexpected weather conditions. Just as traditional contingent claims, a ...

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The Weather Channel

Former Weather Channel Chairman and CEO Batten recounts the first twenty years of the popular cable network, discussing the business, technological, and meteorological innovations responsible for its ...

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The Weather In Berlin

In this astute novel of Americans abroad, Ward Just turns his keen eye toward the dark underpinnings of nationalism, fame, and artistic integrity. When a famous Hollywood director travels to post-Wall...

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The Weather Makers

A history of climate change, how it will unfold over the next century, and what can be done to prevent a cataclysmic future includes specific suggestions for both lawmakers and individuals.

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Space Weather

Present an overview on the Physics of Space Weather and its effects on technological and biological systems on the ground and in space. This book opens with an introduction on the subject, followed by...

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When Weather Matters

The past 15 years have seen marked progress in observing, understanding, and predicting weather. At the same time, the United States has failed to match or surpass progress in operational numerical we...

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Mountain Weather And Climate

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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