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Excitable Speech examines the issue of the threatening action of words. Negotiating the work of Austin, Derrida and Bourdieu, Butler offers a theory of the political performativity of language and ill...
Title Excitable Speech
Category Philosophy
Author Judith Butler
Publisher Psychology Press
Pub Date 1997
Number of Page 185
ISBN 0415915880
Read 167
Last Read 2016-08-06 12:57:46
Tags With Malice Toward None Speech, 3 Minute Speech, Speech On Book Day, Tribute Speech, Introduction Speech

The Physiology Of Excitable Cells

The fourth edition of this highly successful text has been extensively revised and restructured to take account of the many recent advances in the field. The classic observations of recent years can now be interpreted with the powerful new techniques...

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Automatic Speech Signal Analysis For Clinical Diagnosis And Assessment Of Speech Disorders

Automatic Speech Signal Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis and Assessment of Speech Disorders provides a survey of methods designed to aid clinicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of Speech disorders such as dysarthria and dyspraxia, with an emphasis ...

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Speech Act Performance

Speech acts are an important and integral part of day-to-day life in all languages. In language acquisition, the need to teach Speech acts in a target language has been demonstrated in studies conducted in the field of interlanguage pragmatics which ...

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Speech Processing

Based on years of instruction and field expertise, this volume offers the necessary tools to understand all scientific, computational, and technological aspects of Speech processing. The book emphasizes mathematical abstraction, the dynamics of the s...

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Mute Speech

Throughout his career, shaped by a notable collaboration with Louis Althusser, Jacques Rancière has continually unsettled political discourse, particularly by examining its relationship to aesthetics. Like Michel Foucault, he broke with his many of ...

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Speech Communication

The essays and their authors are: "Speech Communication after 75 Years: Issues and Prospects" by Dennis S. Gouran; "Constituted by Agency: The Discourse and Practice of Rhetorical Criticism" by Sonja Foss; "Contemporary Developments in Rhetorical Cri...

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A Three Minute Speech

Examines the historical background in the Civil War of the famous Speech made during the dedication of the new national cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the impact it had on the United States...

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Freedom Of Speech


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The Right To Free Speech

Explores the history of free Speech, focusing on the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and why they are important.

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Fearless Speech

This volume gathers a series of lectures Michel Foucault gave on the Greek notion of parrhesia, the Speech of someone who has the moral qualities required to speak the truth, even if it differs from w...

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