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The Correspondence Of James Boswell With James Bruce And Andrew Gibb

The Correspondence of James Boswell with James Bruce and Andrew Gibb, Overseers of the Auchinleck Estate

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Miss Julie

Written in a fortnight and often regarded as Strindberg's masterpiece, Miss Julie is shocking in subject-matter, revolutionary in technique, and was fiercely attacked on publication for immorality. Sweden, 1894. Midsummer night's celebrations are in ...

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Julie Of The Wolves

In this Newbery Medal–winning book, a young Eskimo girl must join a pack of wolves to survive When her mother dies and her father heads to war, thirteen-year-old Miyax is sent away to be married to ...

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A Companion To James Madison And James Monroe

A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe features essays from leading academics that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents. Provides historians and...

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Untitled Julie Bova Interior Design

Nov 4, 2013 - fashionable, functional or simply fabulous this holiday To delight a budding young artistor one berry Bold, HTC Vivid/Raider and most.

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JULIE L. MASCARI, MHA Seton Hall University

Contributed and lead editor to the redrafting of The Essentials of Managed Health Care, Sixth Edition. (Jones & Bartlett, Sudbury, MA 2012) Chapter 25.

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A Personal Leadership Development Plan Julie A Jackson

A Personal Leadership Development Plan. 1 basic definition of leadership: a leader uses knowledge, skills and relationships to motivate, encourage, and .

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James Z. George

"When the Mississippi school boy is asked who is called the 'Great Commoner' of public life in his State," wrote Mississippi's premier historian Dunbar Rowland in 1901, "he will unhesitatingly answer James Z. George." While George's prominence, along...

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James Joyce

Focusing on the writing of poetry, the writing of fiction, and the writing of drama, this volume explores themes such as the creative process, the sources of poetry, and realistic and nonrealistic app...

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James Arness

James Arness gives the full story on his early years, his family, his military career and his film work in Hollywood, including appearances in the cult-favorite science fiction movies Them! and The Thing. He had a very long run on television's Gunsmo...

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James Clavell

The first book-length critical study of the work of cross-cultural novelist James Clavell.

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James Clavell's Gai Jin

Grand in scope and scale, filled with the richness and passion of two great histories coming together, Gai-jin is the long-awaited sixth novel in James Clavell's magnificent Asian Saga. Sweeping us ba...

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James Madison


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James And Jude

This 2004 commentary focuses exclusively on the two letters written by the 'brothers of the Lord', James and Jude. Each letter is discussed on its own merits, and interpreted as having been written ea...

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James K. Polk

When he was elected President in 1845, James K. Polk was only 49 years old-at that time the youngest president ever to be elected. He faced a conflicted nation on the verge of tremendous territorial e...

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James A. Michener's USA

A personal and pictorial view of five regions of the United States includes conversations with residents of each region on present-day social, economic, political, and cultural events and trends

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James Patterson

This is the only full-length critical study of James Patterson and his best-selling detective fiction.

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James Robinson

Fighting an secret alien war on Earth, the WildC.A.T.s - Lord Emp, Spartan, Grifter, Zealot, Voodoo, Maul and Warblade - are a group of human/alien hybrids with incredible powers! Fresh from their ini...

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James Dashner

James Dashner has earned praise from readers and critics for his intricate plots and sympathetic characters who are challenged by extraordinary situations in fantastical surroundings. This volume reveals Dashner's story: His birth in Austell, Georgia...

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Henry James

"A good up-to-date one-volume life of Henry James was long overdue... Here, at last, is a thoughtful, balanced book to give us a consistent and persuasive account of the writer's life and his developm...

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