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Greater Medieval Houses Of England And Wales, 1300 1500: Volume 3, Southern England

The third volume in the survey of great houses of Medieval England and Wales examines Southern England.

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England's First Demonologist

"The fables of witchcraft have taken so fast hold and deepe root in the heart of man, that few or none can endure with patience the hand and correction of God." Reginald Scot's The Discoverie of Witchcraft (published in 1584) was England's first majo...

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Feudal England

These collected essays contain Round's lasting contribution to medieval scholarship: his argument that the Norman Conquest transplanted feudalism to England.

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Film England

Andrew Higson demonstrates how a variety of Englishnesses have appeared on screen since 1990m, and surveys the genres and production modes that have captured those representations. He examines several contemporary 'English' dramas that embody the tra...

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Children Of England

When Henry VIII died in 1547, he left three highly intelligent children to succeed him in turn, to be followed, if their lines failed, by the descendants of his sister, Mary Tudor. Children of England...

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England Under The Tudors

First published in 1955 and never out of print, this wonderfully written text by one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century has guided generations of students through the turbulent histor...

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England By Bike

Presents various routes of 25 to 60 miles in length. Detailed itineraries, access information by train or car, pre-trip essentials such as getting to England, dealing with customs.

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Northern England

This series of books provides a fresh user-friendly look at the military airfields of the British Isles. The series is split geographically, each book including a number of counties on a regional basi...

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The Rise Of The Novel In England

The Rise of the Novel. The earliest examples of long . The limit is that these characters do not develop during the story and very little is written about their inner .

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England Under The Stuarts

While Germany boasts her Reformation and France her Revolution, England can point to her dealings with the House of Stuart. Never perhaps in any century have such rapid advances been made towards freedom. England Under the Stuarts is an account of En...

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