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Sister Circle

Although black women's labor was essential to the development of the United States, studies of these workers have lagged far behind those of working black men and white women. Adding insult to injury,...

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Circle Series 4 In 1

Rare is the story that takes readers out of this world and into another. Rarer still the story that captures heart, soul, and mind...leaving the reader forever transformed. This is that story. Dive de...

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Circle Series Visual Edition

More than a million fans have read The Circle Series. Now dive deeper and see it in a whole new light--introducing the visual edition of the epic novels Black, Red, and White. Thomas Hunter is a faile...

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Sister, Sister

A best-selling debut novel features three sassy, vivacious young African-American women looking for Mr. Right--and looking to get even with Mr. Wrong. Reprint. AB. PW.

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My Sister

A girl helps her younger sister when she is afraid to come down off the slide in the school playground.

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Big Sister And Little Sister

Two sisters come to realize how important they are to each other.

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The Sister From Below

Who is She, this Sister from Below? She's certainly not about the ordinary business of life: work, shopping, making dinner. She speaks from other realms. If you'll allow, She'll whisper in your ear, l...

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Shopaholic & Sister

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number. Sophie Kinsella has conquered the hearts of millions with her New York Times bestselling Shopaholic novels, which f...

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Letters To A Sister

The letters in this volume were written by Rose Macaulay to her younger sister, Jean, between 1926 and her death in 1958. These were the years when she was at the height of her powers and when her reputation was spreading beyond the more limited circ...

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Angel Sister

As her father slowly slips into alcoholism while his business suffers, her mother tries to come to grips with their situation and her sisters seem to remain blissfully oblivious to it, middle child Kate Merritt must shoulder the emotional load, in a ...

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Becoming Sister Wives

In many ways, the Browns are like any other middle-American family. They eat, play, and pray together, squabble and hug, striving to raise happy, well-adjusted children while keeping their relationshi...

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Her Surprise Sister

Imagine her shock when Violet Colby discovers she has an identical twin sister she never knew existed. Why her family was torn apart remains a secret no one can answer—yet. Hoping to develop a siste...

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Sister Assassin

She never chose her deadly gift but now she’s forced to use it. How far would you go to protect the only family you have left?

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The Dark Sister

If you like the fiction of Henry James, the psychology of his brother William, and have a taste for Gothic mysteries you will enjoy The Dark Sister. The novel is a curious mixture of the Victorian rep...

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My Brother, My Sister, And I

The author of the critically acclaimed SO FAR FROM THE BAMBOO GROVE continues her autobiography, describing the hardships, poverty, tragedies, and struggles of life for her and her two older siblings, living as refugees in post-World War II Japan.

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Dear Sister

One quarter of the total female population of the United States will experience rape at some point in their lives.

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My Sister's Continent

My Sister’s Continent is a contemporary retelling of Freud’s infamous “Dora” case study, following a loosely parallel plot and containing similarly controversial sexual themes and layers of po...

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Sister Carrie

An 18-year-old girl without money or connections ventures forth from her small town in search of a better life in Theodore Dreiser's revolutionary first novel. The chronicle of Carrie Meeber's rise from obscurity to fame — and the effects of her pr...

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My Sister's Keeper

Conceived to provide a bone marrow match for her leukemia-stricken sister, teenage Kate begins to question her moral obligations in light of countless medical procedures and decides to fight for the r...

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Not My Mother's Sister

"No matter how wise a mother's advice is, we listen to our peers." At least that's writer Naomi Wolf's take on the differences between her generation of feminists—the third wave—and the feminists ...

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