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Intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this concise text focuses on the convergence of real series. Definitions of the terms and summaries of those results in analysis that are of special importance in the theory of series are sp...
Title Infinite Series
Category Mathematics
Author James M Hyslop
Publisher Courier Corporation
Pub Date 2012-05-11
Number of Page 144
ISBN 9780486154855
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Last Read 2016-07-15 13:59:50
Tags Infinite Jest, Infinite Income, Law Of Infinite Possibility, Infinite Opportunities Llc, Law Of Infinite Probability

Infinite Sequences And Series

One of the finest expositors in the field of modern mathematics, Dr. Konrad Knopp here concentrates on a topic that is of particular interest to 20th-century mathematicians and students. He develops the theory of Infinite sequences and Series from it...

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Introduction To Finite And Infinite Series And Related Topics

An introduction to the analysis of finite Series, Infinite Series, finite products and Infinite products and continued fractions with applications to selected subject areas. Infinite Series, Infinite products and continued fractions occur in many dif...

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Infinite Sky

True love is never lost—but how much loss can it endure? Iris confronts the complexities of family and prejudice in this exquisite and searing debut novel. Just two months after her mother abandons her family, leaving her gruff, introverted father ...

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Infinite Jest

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Infinite OPPORTUNITIES is a book of seventy short stories and articles about many worthwhile topics and issues. Topics are about traveling, adventures, nature, health, philosophic issues, social topic...

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Infinite Words

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