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The Complete Essays Of Montaigne 107 Annotated Essays In 1 EBook + The Life Of Montaigne + The Letters Of Montaigne

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Complete Essays of Montaigne (107 annotated essays in 1 eBook + The Life of Montaigne + The Letters of Montaigne)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Table of Content...

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The Complete Essays Of Montaigne

The works of the French essayist reflect his views of morality, society, and customs in the late sixteenth century

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Selected Essays

Careful selection of 8 masterly essays by noted French writer and thinker: "Of Friendship," "Of Books," "Of Cruelty," "Of Repentance," "Of Three Commerces," "Of Solitude," "Of the Inequality Among Us"...

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New Selected Essays

Includes such famous pieces as the debilitating effect that success had on Williams, essays on his plays, writings for his friends, and will provide readers intimate access to Williams as an artist, p...

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Selected Essays On Education

For more than 400 years, the personal essay has been one of the richest and most robust of all literary forms. Distinguished from the detached, formal essay by its warm, friendly, conversational tone,...

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Selected Essays In Monetary Economics Collected Works Of Harry Johnson

This volume consists of selected previously published key essays which have proved most useful for teaching advanced monetary economics. A short introduction was added which places the selection of es...

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Montaigne In Motion

Educated in the humanities and trained in psychiatry, Jean Starobinski is a central figure in the Geneva School of criticism. His classic work, Montaigne in Motion, is a subtly conceived and elegantly written study of the Essais of Montaigne, whose d...

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Selected Decisions And Selected Documents Of The International Monetary Fund EPub

Includes decisions, interpretations, and resolutions of the Executive Board and the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund, as well selected documents, to which frequent reference is made in the current activities of the Fund. In addit...

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This collection of the first and second series of essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson collects some of the classic thoughts of this important American and leader of the Transcendentalist movement. Contained...

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What Is Man? And Other Essays

This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography. This book features a table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the...

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Selected Papers On SAS

17 papers on SAS. From basic to advanced. Could be a good reference for SAS programmers.

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Selected Poems

A collection of poems written by the 20th century American poet

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Selected Stories

150th Anniversary Edition Praised by Tolstoy as an "incomparable artist", Chekov is considered one of the masters of the short story. This collection features twenty of his most noted stories, includi...

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Selected Papers

This volume contains a selection of Professor F. W. Walbank's papers on classical Greco-Roman subjects.

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Selected New Books

The Skies Belong to Us. Kotsiopoulos, George. Glamorous by George. Laing, Olivia. Trip to Echo Spring. Lawford, Christopher. Kennedy. What Addicts Know.

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Selected Writings

An expanded edition of the first comprehensive overview of Baudrillard's work, this new edition adds examples from after 1985.

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Essays In Idleness

YOSHIDA KENKO (1283-1352) was a Buddhist priest, a reclusive scholar and poet who had ties to the aristocracy of medieval Japan. Despite his links to the Imperial court, Kenko spent much time in seclusion and mused on Buddhist and Taoist teachings. H...

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Wilderness Essays

Part of John Muir's appeal to modern readers is that he not only explored the American West and wrote about its beauties but also fought for their preservation. His successes dot the landscape and are...

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Essays On Pope

Major work on the poet Alexander Pope by leading Pope authority and well-known literary historian.

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Controversial Essays

One of conservatism's most articulate voices dissects today's most important economic, racial, political, education, legal, and social issues, sharing his entertaining and thought-provoking insights on a wide range of contentious subjects. --"This bo...

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