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Offshoring Secrets

In this book, years of experiences and interactions with industry experts are drawn upon to suggest ways to set up and run an India operation. The author shares solutions to numerous day-to-day problems that managers in the parent offices face and de...

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Deadly Secrets

Behind A Veil Of Tranquility. . . In the lovely town of Pleasant Valley in upstate New York, the maple trees were ablaze with fall's blood-red color. The air was crisp. And a woman named Susan Fassett...

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My EBay Secrets

The blatant opportunist. 65 by Don Lancaster. My eBay Secrets. I've been more or less successfully selling items on eBay for several years now. So, I thought I'd 

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Secrets Of Speed

This book covers the process of building 4-stroke engines to a professional standard, from selecting materials and planning work, right through to methods of final assembly and testing. It is written for the DIY engine builder in an easy-to-understan...

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Secrets Of The Monarch

"New York Times" bestselling author and the inspiration for the hit NBC series "Medium" DuBois shares the secret of how to live a good life and create a better future for our children, guided by those who know best---the dead.

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Speed Secrets II

DIVDiscover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Professional driver and driving coach Ross Bentley, reveals what it takes to be fast and win rac...

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The Secrets Of The Koran

Forget all those evening news sound bites or diplomatically correct half-truths about the Koran and the religion of Islam. If you want to know what the Koran is really about, you have to know what it ...

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Little Secrets Of Success

A made-for-children version of the popular gift book series, which offers an important life lesson for each day of the month

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Blackjack Secrets

Draws on decades of experience to instruct first-time players in the basics of everyday games, explaining how to improve skills by adhering to essential rules about standing, hitting, doubling and spl...

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The Solomon Secrets

Thousands of years ago the wisest, wealthiest, and most powerful man of his day compiled a book filled with practical insights for success in every area of life--the book of Proverbs. Jeffress refers ...

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Seven Secrets Of Shiva

Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, skull in hand, withdrawn, with dogs for company, destroying the world with his, indifference. He is God who the Goddess shall awaken. His name is Shiva. Locked in his sto...

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Ultrasound Secrets

Following the Socratic principle that the best way to teach is to ask the right questions, the highly popular Secrets Series® has become an important part of medical education. The "Secrets" approach...

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The New Beauty Secrets

Laura Mercier's philosophy is simple. A perfect face -- radiant, flawless, and soft -- is the first and most important step in achieving your best possible look. For years Laura has been transforming celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Ro...

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Indecent Secrets

On a hot summer day in Italy in 1902, the brutally stabbed body of Count Francesco Bonmartini was discovered, by means of its decomposing stench, inside his locked apartment. He was a typical Italian provincial aristocrat in all but one way: he had m...

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Maid Of Secrets

In this breathtaking start to a series, a secret society of young women make up Elizabeth I’s most trusted royal guard. God Save the Queen—or the Maids will. Orphan Meg Fellowes makes her living p...

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Dirty Little Secrets

Sellers often don't close all of the sales they deserve to close. Why? The sales model itself fails to address the off-line issues buyers must manage before making a buying decision. Dirty Little Secr...

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14 Secrets To A Better Marriage

Wondering how to build a great marriage? Turn to the Bible for guidance—that’s where author Dave Earley found his 14 Secrets to a Better Marriage. From “Put God First” to “Love When It Is Di...

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Presentation Secrets

Plan, create, and deliver amazing presentations! Alexei Kapterev's online presentation on presentations has seen more than one million views, all with no advertising or promotion. Building on this hit...

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Insider Secrets

Insider Secrets is a comprehensive guide to a successful real estate career. Clear and concise, it contains the basics for new agents, insights for the more experienced agent and help from the pros. J...

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Open Secrets

Open Secrets is Richard Lischer's story of his early career as a Lutheran minister. Fresh out of divinity school and full of enthusiasm, Lischer found himself assigned to a small conservative church i...

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