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Are you “living by the rules” or letting the grace of God rule you? If you’re living for God—living by the rules—you’ll always be exhausted. You’ll feel you’re not doing enough for Him and if you don’t “measure up,” He’ll be displeased. B...
Title The Secret Of Grace
Category Religion
Author Steve McVey
Publisher Harvest House Publishers
Pub Date 2014-04-01
Number of Page 192
ISBN 9780736957830
Read 3
Last Read 2016-07-10 23:31:49
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Grace Changes Everything

Grace changes everything, period! If this is true, then why do we see Christians struggling with things the Bible clearly states we are freed from? For many, the "abundant life" promised by Jesus seems to be just out of reach. If we believe that God ...

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Grace For Grace

In this volume Watchman Nee presents first the series of parables dealing with the new and the old. He then proceeds to show what Grace does to us as seen in the blood of Jesus, and how Grace draws us...

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About Grace

The first novel by the author of the acclaimed #1 New York Times bestseller All the Light We Cannot See, one of the most beautiful, wise, and compelling debuts of recent times. David Winkler begins life in Anchorage, Alaska, a quiet boy drawn to the ...

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All Is Grace

It has been over twenty years since the publication of The Ragamuffin Gospel, a book many claim as the shattering of God’s Grace into their lives. Since that time, Brennan Manning has been dazzingly...

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When Robert Ward seeks sanctuary from his parents' arguments at his grandmother's house, he is surprised to learn that she has complex problems of her own that stem from her relationship with and betr...

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Grace Is Enough

Two actors, revealing the high price of fame, recount their experiences--both good and bad--in Hollywood and how they, in desperate need of redemption and renewal, turned to God when their lives were plagued by family problems, sex, drugs, and rock a...

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Just Grace

The third-grader Grace Stewart gets stuck with the name “Just Grace” when she tries to distinguish herself from the three other Graces in her class. Grace is plenty different, though. She has a â€...

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Grace Lin

This biography introduces readers to Grace Lin, the Newbery Honor winning author who wrote Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, The Ugly Vegetables, The Year of the Dog, The Year of the Rat, Ling & Ting...

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Grace After Midnight

While Felicia is a brilliant actor in a truly chilling role, what's most remarkable about "Snoop" is what she has overcome in her life. Snoop was born a three-pound cross-eyed crack baby in East Balti...

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Gravity And Grace

Simone Weil, the French philosopher, political activist, and religious mystic, was little known when she died young in 1943. Four years later the philosopher-farmer Gustave Thibon compiled La pesanteur et la grâce from the notebooks she left in his ...

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