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MRI Made Easy

MRI Made Easy is an excellent portable pocket guide which can be consulted by the reader when monitoring scans on screen and during interpretations of images. The book is a simple overview of Magnetic...

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Algebra The Easy Way

Covers the fundamentals of algebra, including explanations of equations, negative numbers, exponents, roots, functions, graphs, and logarithms.

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ECG Made Easy

Interactive CD content: the technique of recording an ECG.

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Cheap & Easy

Presents a delicious assortment of practical, economical, and easy-to-prepare meals for women on the go, including a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, and snacks that include such dishes as Lazy Girl's Lasagna, Fred and Ginger Pumpkin ...

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Italian The Easy Way

This imaginatively presented course is useful to those outside a classroom environment who want to begin learning Italian, as well as those students of Italian who wish to supplement their studies to better their grades and increase language proficie...

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Easy Mac OS X Lion

Presents a step-by-step guide to the Mac OS X Lion operating system, covering such topics as working with files, disks, folders, and files; installing and using applications; setting system preferences; printing, faxing, and scanning; using email; cr...

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Slow & Easy

Slow cookers are incredibly popular among home cooks, and with good reason -- easy to use and cost, time, and energy-efficient, slow cookers are an ideal way to get dinner on the table fast. This book will provide slow cooker aficionados with expert ...

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No Easy Answers

The author, a friend of both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, describes the events surrounding the shootings at Columbine High School.

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Grammar The Easy Way

Reviews basic grammar, including parts of speech, sentence structure, and subject-verb agreement; provides a manual of usage, instruction on writing paragraphs and research papers, and how to develop one's own style; and includes exercises and a test.

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Easy Origami

Includes illustrated instructions for origami projects that range from simple to challenging.

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Macroeconomics The Easy Way

The newest addition to Barron's extensive Easy Way series covers the fundamentals of macroeconomics, explaining topics that include creation of capital, gross domestic product and gross national product, aggregate supply and demand, government spendi...

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Easy Katakana

Twenty lessons introduce the kanas, or syllables that make up Japanese words borrowed from foreign languages, and are accompanied by practice exercises

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Five Easy Decades

A portrait of the enduring Hollywood personality draws on numerous interviews and other sources to describe his childhood in New Jersey, early escapades, drug problems, celebrity relationships, films,...

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It's So Easy And Other Lies

Duff McKagan was a co-founder of Guns N' Roses, with a 13-year tenure on bass in what was at the time the biggest band on earth. As well as pulling together the classic line-up (Slash on guitar, Steve...

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Fun With Easy Origami

Everything you need to practice the Japanese art of paperfolding: clear instruction booklet for creating a hat, cup, pinwheel, boat, house, fish, and more, and 24 sheets of 7 x 7 paper in 12 colors.

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Easy To Remember

In this warm and affectionate book, William Zinsser, author of the best-selling classic On Writing Well, describes his lifelong love affair with American popular song and the American musical theater....

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No Easy Victories

African news making headlines today is dominated by disaster: wars, famine, HIV. Those who respond - from stars to ordinary citizens - are learning that real solutions require more than charity. This book provides a comprehensive, panoramic view of U...

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Easy Money

Are you in control of your financial destiny? Is your financial house a fortress of calm and stability even in a time of global economic storm? Easy Money gives you the tools and confidence to be your own financial boss. Handling money is akin to put...

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Math The Easy Way

Here is instruction and review in whole numbers, fractions, percentages, and introductions to algebra and statistics, plus a diagnostic test and an end-of-book practice test with answers. Over the years, Barron’s popular and widely-used Easy Way bo...

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Easy Belize

Easy Belize How to Live, Retire, Work and Buy Property in Belize, the English Speaking Frost Free Paradise on the Caribbean Coast by Lan Sluder is the complete guide for anyone considering relocating ...

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