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In 1988 Ericka and Julie Ingram began making a series of accusations of sexual abuse against their father, Paul Ingram, who was a respected deputy sheriff in Olympia, Washington. At first the accusati...
Title Remembering Satan
Category Social Science
Author Lawrence Wright
Publisher Random House LLC
Pub Date 2011-04-27
Number of Page 224
ISBN 0307790673
Read 109
Last Read 2016-07-20 09:19:19
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Beware! Satan

Offering a perspective of the world as an arena of assessment and testing, this masterfully illuminating investigation explores the struggle between man and his archenemy, Satan. The book claims that success in life is based on knowing one's enemies ...

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Satan Speaks!

The last book of essays by Church of Satan founder LaVey.

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Satan's Secret

God promised the Patriarch Abraham that through his seed "all the families of the earth would be blessed." Yet, traditional Christian theology preaches eternal torment for the majority of the "Gentile...

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Satan And His Kingdom

This highly readable--and useful--examination of Satan and spiritual warfare was written out of necessity. In recent years, pastor and teacher Dennis McCallum found himself fielding more and more questions about Satan. He wanted to recommend a book o...

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Lauren Stratford's story is one that everyone needs to read, though it deals with a subject most of us would rather not discuss, a subject that for many is too horrendous even to believe. Lauren Stratford lived a life of unending nightmares. As a sma...

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Satan In America

Satan in America tells the story of America's complicated relationship with the devil. "New light" evangelists of the eighteenth century, enslaved African Americans, demagogic politicians, and modern ...

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Satan's Sisters

Set against the bright lights and live feed of daytime television, Satan’s Sisters by veteran TV insider Star Jones spins an irresistible tale of ruthless ambition, guarded secrets, backstabbing dra...

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Remembering Well

A gentle guide on how to plan an original memorial service, ritual or remembrance that personally reflects and honors the life of the one who has died.

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Satan's Dirty Little Secret

The Secret Strategies of the Enemy REVEALED Satan has always used the same schemes to bind, oppress, confound, and deceive mankind. What he is doing today is nothing new. The traps he sets for us are the same ones he set two thousand years ago. Satan...

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The Myth Of The Great Satan

This critical review of the history of America’s relations with Iran debunks the myth of the United States as the “Great Satan” as a necessary first step in establishing a new relationship betwe...

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