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The Salem Witch Trials

"Covers the Salem Witch Trials as a watershed event in U.S. history, influencing social, economic, and political policies that shaped the nation's future"--Provided by publisher.

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The True Story Of The Salem Witch Hunts

The story of the Salem witch hunts in Massachusetts in 1692.

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In The Blood Book #2 In The Vampire's Witch Saga

IN THE BLOOD was inspired by actual events and their resulting, recurring nightmares. Do the choices we make in our past lives haunt us throughout time? That seems to be what’s happening to 21-year-...

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Salem, Massachusetts, is one of the most historic settlements in the United States. Most commonly associated with the seventeenth-century witchcraft hysteria of Salem Village--an area that now falls w...

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Salem Falls

When Jack St. Bride arrives by chance in the sleepy New England town of Salem Falls, he decides to reinvent himself. Tall, blond, and handsome, Jack was once a beloved teacher and soccer coach at a gi...

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November In Salem

Abandoned, neglected, and sitting atop Hathorne Hill, Danvers Asylum for the Insane towers above modern-day Danvers, Massachusetts. When November Atwood and her twin cousins, Jeff and wheelchair-bound...

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Salem Story

Salem Story engages the story of the Salem witch trials through an analysis of the surviving primary documentation and juxtaposes that against the way in which our culture has mythologized the events ...

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Heroes Vol Db Salem Press

Critical Survey of Graphic Novels with a special Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men issue 1 in. 2007. . see also: Wolverine; Wolverine Origin; X-Men: Days.

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Pride And Prejudice.vp Salem Press

Domestic virtue and for the social optimism of its Pride and Prejudice plot structure (53). Armstrong's feminist history of the novel, Desire and Domestic. Fiction .

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City Of Winston Salem Small Business Listing 1 100


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Call 503.365.4773 To Register For Salem Area Classes Cake

Discover Wilton cake decorating with gum paste and fondant. Learn to Design and build a solid body guitar or bass guitar; other instruments are welcome.

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The Third Witch

Rebecca Reisert's mesmerizing first novel re-imagines Macbeth, Shakespeare's classic tragedy of power and madness, through the eyes of a mysterious young woman on a dangerous quest for vengeance. For the girl called Gilly, life in the wilds of Birnam...

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When a witch is born, a doppelganger is created. For the witch to master her powers, the twin must be killed. Until now... Created by the merging of witch and doppelganger, Mirei is a unique being. He...

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Always A Witch

Since the gripping conclusion of Once a Witch, Tamsin Greene has been haunted by her grandmother’s prophecy that she will soon be forced to make a crucial decision—one so terrible that it could harm her family forever. When she discovers that her...

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The Biker Trials

The Quebec-chartered “Nomad” chapter of the Hells Angels had two specific goals: to monopolize the Quebec drug trade; and to expand that trade across other parts of Canada. Their war against rival...

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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials: Study Design, Endpoints and Biomarkers, Drug Safety, and FDA and ICH Guidelines is a practical guidebook for those engaged in clinical trial design. This book details the organization...

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The 30 Trials Of IX And The Angels

The 30 Trials of Ix and the Angels follows Ix Pantheos from his awakening in a ruined castle through his travels to the moon, the sun, and beyond, carried along by the songs of thirty angels as they initiate him into the mysteries of consciousness an...

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The Trials Of Socrates

This unique and expertly annotated collection of the classic accounts of Socrates left by Plato, Aristophanes, and Xenophon features new translations of Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and the death scene ...

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Solitary Witch

A compendium of ancient and modern Wiccan ideas and teachings, including a magickal cookbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, and grimoire. It relates specifically to today's young adults and their concerns, yet is grounded in the magickal work of centurie...

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The Iron Witch

Seventeen-year-old Donna Underwood is considered a freak, cursed by the magical heritage that destroyed her alchemist parents, but when vicious wood elves abduct her best friend Navin, Donna must betray all her parents fought for and join the battle ...

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