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Complete Rock Guitar Method: Beginning Rock Guitar, Lead & Rhythm, Book & DVD

For those about to rock...Learn the concepts, techniques and theory specific to rock styles from AC/DC to Zeppelin. 96 pages each.

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Round Rock Hyundai Round Rock Auto Group

Apr 27, 2014 - 2012 Hyundai Veracruz Limited. Your Price . Veracruz Limited, Hyundai Certified, Shimmering. Silver Metallic, Gray w/Leather 07/19/2013.

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Round Rock Toyota Round Rock Auto Group

Mar 18, 2014 - Feel it again with this handsome 2012 Toyota Highlander. not only get the reassurance of a 12mo/12,000 mile Comprehensive warranty, but .

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Upon This Rock

Ray, a former Evangelical Protestant and Bible teacher, goes through the Scriptures and the first five centuries of the Church to demonstrate that the early Christians had a clear understanding of the primacy of Peter in the see of Rome. He tackles t...

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Little Rock

The desegregation crisis in Little Rock is a landmark of American history: on September 4, 1957, after the Supreme Court struck down racial segregation in public schools, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubu...

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Sgt. Rock

Sgt. Rock and the men of Easy Company capture four German Intelligence officers in Germany during the intense combat of 1944. Mission accomplished, until one of the prisoners butchers the others and e...

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Do You Believe In Rock And Roll?

"These essays focus on the cultural and historical significance of Don McLean's song "American Pie." Addressed are such topics as historical and literary interpretation of the lyrics and musical quali...

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The Rock Cries Out

Steve Stockman, author of the international hit Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2, explores the music of twelve artists who haven't necessarily professed a Christian faith but whose work is undergi...

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Rock Stress '03

This publication contains three special lectures, six keynote addresses and sixty-eight technical papers presented at the symposium. The wide variety of topics covered are grouped in the proceedings according to subject.

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Under The Rock Umbrella

American poet born between 1951 and 1977 who was not influenced by popular music and the paradigm shift that occurred in the country ... Under the Rock Umbrella brings together the best poets influenced by this powerful era in music to allow us to ex...

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Rock Chick

Indy Savage is a former wild child (okay, maybe not so "former") and current used bookstore owner. Lee Nightingale is a former bad boy and now runs a private investigation service. Toss together a qui...

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For The Rock Record

"Creationism began with the fossil record and there it shall end. Before Darwin, the geological strata with their accompanying fossils formed the first geological theory of life on earth--creationism coupled to flood geology. It was Darwin who stood ...

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Whispering Rock

A decorated U.S. Marine reservist, LAPD officer Mike Valenzuela was badly wounded in the line of duty, but has found hope and healing in Virgin River. When he agrees to become the town's first cop, he...

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Who's Who In Rock & Roll

Discusses four hundred fifty of the most successful artists and bands from the 1950s to the present, including artists in rock, pop, soul, disco, dance music, heavy metal, reggae, and other fields

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Rock Hard

Rock Hardis a gentle thriller James Armstrong...writes a feel-good thriller that is difficult to put down. I found myself begrudging every minute I couldn't spend reading the book. There are a few nov...

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Rock And Roll

An appreciation of Rock-n-Roll, song by song, from its roots and its inspriations to its divergent recent trends. A work of rough genius; Dean?s attempt to make connections though time and across genr...

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How To Rock Your Baby

Just what every new mother needs--100 charming and useful step-by-step how-to's, advice, and stories, culled from mothers and grandmothers throughout the ages. As a first-time mother, Erin Bried found...

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Rock Music

A stimulating and penetrating study of rock music, from rock 'n' roll to the present day.

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Honey From The Rock

Fifty-two studies from the Old and New Testaments for devotional reading or sermon preparation.

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The Covert War Against Rock

Who kills the rock stars?

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