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Book Review. Evidence-Based Management of Stroke. Jose Biller and Jose M. Ferro, eds. 334 pages. Shrewsbury, UK: tfm Publishing Ltd, 2011. $99.00.
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Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics And General Circulation Models

General Circulation models (GCMs), which define the fundamental dynamics of atmospheric Circulation, are nowadays used in various fields of atmospheric science such as weather forecasting, climate pre...

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Book Reviews Circulation

Nostic electrocardiography, many Books, large and small, some in lar conduction and in bundle-branch blbek, is pre- sented. . rheumatic fever occurring in childhood and the . Page 5 a series of short monographspresented in chapter.

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Pulmonary Circulation

Authoritative, comprehensive and definitive, Pulmonary Circulation builds on the success of its previous two editions by providing practising respiratory physicians with a highly-ordered, unique reference work on the structure, function and pathophys...

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Ocean Circulation And Climate

Ocean Circulation is a key determinant of climate and climate change; therefore the topic is extremely hot. As a moderator and initiator of climatic variability and change and as an economic resource,...

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Ocean Circulation Theory

Basic questions of physical processes in large-scale dynamics of the oceans are discussed in this Book. These large-scale Circulations influence the climate of the earth and are of great importance fo...

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N Circulation Cardiovascular Genetics

May 14, 2012 - Italy; 6The Heart Hospital, University College London Hospitals, London, United Kingdom. Address for Correspondence: Dr Perry M Elliott.

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Reflex Control Of The Circulation

Reflex Control of the Circulation presents an interdisciplinary discussion of concepts in the reflex control of Circulation. This volume describes aspects of autonomic receptor physiology, central pat...

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Getting Around: Circulation And The Rise Of The Gay And Lesbian Novel

My dissertation reorients the prevailing understanding that the gay and lesbian novel came into view in response to the emergence of homosexuality as a concept. I argue that the gay and lesbian novel ...

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Applied Drilling Circulation Systems

Used to clean the borehole, stabilize rock, control pressures, or enhance drilling rates, drilling fluids and their Circulation systems are used in all phases of a drilling operation. These systems are highly dynamic and complicated to model until no...

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AHA/AACVPR Scientific Statement Circulation

Evidence-based recommendations regarding all aspects of the discipline. document and can be found in the AACVPR guidelines.3. This statement was .

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