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How do rapid social and technological changes shape reproductive realms today? What is at stake? What problems are raised? What solutions are offered? In this collection, leading international scholars consider the complex 'choices', anxieties, and c...
Title Reframing Reproduction
Category Family & Relationships
Author Meredith Nash
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Pub Date 2014-07-04
Number of Page 328
ISBN 9781137267139
Read 9
Last Read 2016-07-10 00:22:07
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Reframing 9/11

A collection of analyses focusing on popular culture as a profound discursive site of anxiety and discussion about 9/11 and demystifies the day's events.

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Reframing Her

How does one read the story of Sarah and Hagar, or Jezebel and Rahab today, if one is a woman reader situated in a postcolonial society? This is the question undergirding this work, which considers a selection of biblical texts in which women have si...

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Not For Reproduction

Dec 6, 2010 - Parts Manual for. 28" & 33" Hi-Vac Manual No. 7006279 KIT, Battery, 12V, U-1-7RS, 220CCA Dry Charge Snapper No Spill. 2. 7075671.

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The Reproduction Of Colour

Increasing use of digital signals for transmitting data in television, photography and printing means the Reproduction of pictorial colour in the 21st century continues to drive innovation in its deve...

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Not For Reproduction CETEA

EMT175460, 17.5HP 46" Murray Lawn Tractor (2010-2011). 2690959. EMT175460F, 17.5HP 46" Murray Lawn Tractor, FR (2011). Mfg. No. Description.

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Sound Reproduction

Floyd Toole, a leading expert in the field of sound Reproduction, explains how to design the best possible listening experience for recording control rooms and home entertainment systems. This comprehensive work considers the whole sound Reproduction...

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Not For Reproduction Basco

MANUAL. 24HP Zero-Turn Riders. Simplicity ZT3000. Mfg. No. Description. 5900660 ZT3000B2444, Simplicity 24HP B&S ZT3000 Zero-Turn Rider with 44 Mower 5900777 ZT2450B2450, Massey Ferguson 24HP B&S ZT2450 Zero-Turn .

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The Reproduction Of Mothering

""The Reproduction of Mothering" was that rare book that had a major impact on two different constituencies: feminists and psychoanalysts. It was a must-read in 1978, putting object-relations theory on the map in the United States, and it remains a m...

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Reframing Culture

The works of Shakespeare and Dante or the figures of George Washington and Moses do not often enter into popular conceptions of the silent cinema, yet, between 1907 and 1910, the Vitagraph Company frequently used such material in producing "quality" ...

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On The Reproduction Of Capitalism

The first translation of Althusser's key text on ideology.

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