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Public Relations Worktext is a writing and planning resource for public relations students and practitioners.
Title Public Relations Worktext
Category Business & Economics
Author Joseph M. Zappala
Publisher Routledge
Pub Date 2004-04-06
Number of Page 376
ISBN 9781135633240
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Last Read 2015-07-30 22:26:48
Tags What Public Relations Does, Public Relations And Communication At Uj, Public Relations Cases Pdf, Public Relations Dictionary, Buy Effective Public Relations

Public Relations Writing Worktext

A writing and planning resource that is suitable for Public Relations students and practitioners.

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Putting The Public Back In Public Relations

Forget the "pitch": Yesterday's PR techniques just don't work anymore. That's the bad news. Here's the great news: Social Media and Web 2.0 offer you an unprecedented opportunity to make PR work better than ever before. This book shows how to reinven...

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Public Relations On The Net

Everyone knows about the Internet as a way to market and sell, yet few organizations have experienced even a fraction of the Net's power for true Public Relations. This guide, with step-by-step instructions and action plans, explains how to conduct e...

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Public Relations

Public Relations as described in this volume is, among other things, society’s solution to problems of maladjustment that plague an overcomplex world. All of us, individuals or organizations, depend...

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Public Relations Techniques

This second edition of Frank Jefkins' definitive guide to Public Relations management has been extensively revised to include references to changes in the 1990's, especially regarding the media, uses ...

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Advertising And Public Relations

Career Opportunities in Advertising and Public Relations, Fourth Edition profiles more than 80 jobs. Each entry provides detailed information on salary ranges, employment and advancement prospects, an...

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Global Public Relations

This text provides a structured and practical framework for understanding the complexities of contemporary Public Relations. It is an instructional book that guides the reader through the challenges of communication and problem solving across a range...

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Corporate Public Relations

This volume presents a historical and objective overview of the field of Public Relations in the past century. It discusses some of the landmark cases in Public Relations, critiques the philosophies o...

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Public Relations Cases

Primarily using Public Relations Society of America award-winning cases, Public Relations CASES, Ninth Edition, presents a clear theoretical grounding in the major areas of Public Relations. Using the...

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Public Relations: The Basics

Public Relations: The Basics is a highly readable introduction to one of the most exciting and fast-paced media industries. Both the practice and profession of Public Relations are explored and the focus is on those issues which will be most relevant...

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