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Imagining Justice

Imagining Justice seeks to move away from normative thinking about justice, particularly in the area of justice education, suggesting that what is needed today is a way to think about the enterprise o...

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Imagining The Holocaust

An erudite exploration of how the Holocaust has both inspired and been used in a variety of ways by writers examines such personal accounts as Weisel's Night, fictional treatments, and the satire and ...

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Imagining Mars

For centuries, the planet Mars has captivated astronomers and inspired writers of all genres. Whether imagined as the symbol of the bloody god of war, the cradle of an alien species, or a possible new...

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Imagining Religion

With this influential book of essays, Jonathan Z. Smith has pointed the academic study of religion in a new theoretical direction, one neither theological nor willfully ideological. Making use of examples as apparently diverse and exotic as the Maori...

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Imagining Our Americas

DIVChallenges the disciplinary boundaries and the assumptions underlying the fields of Latin American Studies and American/U.S. Studies, demonstrating that the "Americas" is a concept that transcends ...

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Imagining Children Otherwise

The purpose of this book is to imagine things otherwise in theorizing childhood sub-jectivity. The work brings together influential thinkers who are forthright in their refusal to be seduced by simplistic binaries, who are willing to address the noti...

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Imagining The City

The urban spaces we inhabit today have been moulded by a combination of historical forces -- by social and economic processes, by the specific designs of urban planners, and by the regulatory and ritu...

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Reimagining The World

(Re)Imagining the world: Children's Literature's Response to Changing Times considers how writers of fiction for children imagine 'the world', not one universal world, but different worlds: imaginary,...

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Imagining Consumers

Tells the story of American consumer society from the perspective of mass-market manufacturers and retailers. Case studies illuminate the actions of decision-makers in key firms, including the Homer Laughlin China Company, the Kohler Company and Corn...

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Imagining The Future

From stem cell research to global warming, human cloning, evolution, and beyond, political debates about science have raged in recent years - and, to the chagrin of most observers, have increasingly f...

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Imagining Flight

Imagining Flight is a history of the air age as the rest of us have experienced it: on the pages of books, the screens of movie theaters, and the front pages of newspapers. It focuses on the United St...

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Imagining Russia

A bold work of feminist international relations that contributes to our understanding of the gendered, racialized, and heteronormative dynamics of U.S. foreign policy, both in relations with Russia and in the invasion of Iraq.

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Re Imagining Government

In an age of austerity, public leaders and managers face a range of external challenges - fiscal, social and political. Combining theoretical insight, empirical commentary and practical experience, this book examines how democratic political systems ...

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Imagining Ground Zero

Documents the various architectural competitions, as well as informal proposals and thousands of independently submitted schemes, for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site. 10,000 first pr...

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Imagining Winter

Harsh. Cutting. Uncomfortably touching. This poetry collection delves into the darkness of the modern world.Dawson?s work has tremendous scope and agility. In the title poem, in a single breath he ran...

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Imagining Outer Space

Imagining Outer Space makes a captivating advance into the cultural history of outer space and extraterrestrial life in the European imagination. How was outer space conceived and communicated? What p...

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Imagining The Tenth Dimension

"A fascinating excursion into the multiverse - clear, elegant, personal, provocative." - (Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Greg Bear.) Read the book whose companion website ( ha...

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Focusing on the heart of German romanticism, the Rhineland, Thomas Lekan examines nature protection activities from Wilhelmine Germany through the end of the Nazi era to illuminate the relationship between environmental reform and the cultural constr...

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Imagining The Twentieth Century

Provides an overview of events during the twentieth century with photographs and essays

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Imagining La Chica Moderna

Traces the role of popular culture--particularly visual culture--in shaping the modern Mexican woman.

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