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Connect 2 points on the internet securely. Provides LogMeIn Hamachi. TeamViewer VPN . · elatedProjects.
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Virtual Enterprises And Collaborative Networks

Collaborative Network Organizations (CNO) corresponds to a very active and steadily growing area. For instance, Virtual enterprises/Virtual Organizations (PVC) suggest new ways of work and put the emp...

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Virtual Appliance Setup Guide Barracuda Networks

And also provides for quick backup and disaster recovery. Review the options you've selected before clicking Finish to start the deployment task. The.

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Virtual Professional Development And Informal Learning Via Social Networks

"This book will examine how individuals and organizations are using Web 2.0 tools to create informal learning and professional development opportunities"-- Provided by publisher.

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The End Of The Virtual

Annotation. Digital methods may be contrasted with what has come to be known as Virtual methods, a currently dominant approach to the study of the Internet. Virtual methods, rooted in the U.K. Virtual...

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The Virtual Self

The Virtual Self is an engaging and exciting text thataddresses issues relating to our rapidly changing society, socialstructure, and communication needs. In doing so, it addresses majorissues in sociology that inform Virtually all of a student’sco...

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Virtual War

Imagine a life of Virtual reality -- a childhood contained in a controlled environment, with no human contact or experiences outside of the world of computer-generated images. Corgan has been genetically engineered by the Federation for quick reflexe...

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Virtual Reality

Despite widespread interest in Virtual reality, research and development efforts in synthetic environments (SE)--the field encompassing Virtual environments, teleoperation, and hybrids--have remained ...

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Virtual Thailand

Written by an established expert on Thailand, this is one of the first books to fully investigate the Thai media’s role during the Thaksin government’s first term. Incorporating political economy and media theory, the book provides a unique insig...

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Virtual Airplane

This book will teach you how to create the model shown on its cover. It assumes that you may know nothing about the 3D modeling software, and starts this course from the very basics. In subsequent chapters the author gradually introduces new methods ...

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Virtual LEGO

"Virtual LEGO" introduces the reader to a suite of software that allows users to create and document computer-generated LEGO models. Written by maintainers of the official hub of LEGO model-building software, the book includes coverage of popular fre...

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