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Ceramic Technology And Processing

Perfect for the new technician or engineer entering the ceramics industry as well as for the ""old hand"" who needs an update on some aspect of ceramics processing, this resource provides practical laboratory-oriented answers to such typical processi...

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Advanced Signal Processing

Discover the Applicability, Benefits, and Potential of New Technologies As advances in algorithms and computer technology have bolstered the digital signal processing capabilities of real-time sonar, ...

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Fundamentals Of Stream Processing

Stream processing is a novel distributed computing paradigm that supports the gathering, processing and analysis of high-volume, heterogeneous, continuous data streams, to extract insights and actionable results in real time. This comprehensive, hand...

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Mineral Processing Technology

'Mineral Processing Technology' provides practising engineers and students of mineral processing, metallurgy and mining with a review of the common ore-processing techniques utilized in modern install...

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Water In Mineral Processing

One of the major challenges confronting the mining and minerals processing industry in the 21st century will be managing in an environment of ever decreasing water resources. Because most mineral processing requires high water use, there will be even...

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Understanding Polymer Processing

In this book, rheology--the study of the deformation and flow of matter--deals primarily with the stresses generated during the flow of complex materials such as polymers, colloids, foams, and gels. A...

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Language Processing And Grammars

There is a growing awareness of the significance and value that modelling using information technology can bring to the functionally oriented linguistic enterprise. This encompasses a spectrum of areas as diverse as concept modelling, language proces...

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Laser Material Processing

"Laser Material Processing (3rd Edition) will be of use as university or industrial course material for senior, undergraduate, graduate and non-degree technical training in optoelectronics, laser processing, and advanced manufacturing. Practising eng...

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Liquid Metal Processing

The title presents an up-to-date account of the research, development, and applications of metallic alloys, recent research into the structure of charge materials, melt treatment, and casting technolo...

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Foundations Of Signal Processing

This comprehensive and engaging textbook introduces the basic principles and techniques of signal processing, from the fundamental ideas of signals and systems theory to real-world applications. Students are introduced to the powerful foundations of ...

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Industrial Image Processing

This practical introduction focuses on how to build integrated solutions to industrial vision problems from individual algorithms. It gives a hands-on guide for setting up automated visual inspection systems using real-world examples and the NeuroChe...

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Petroleum And Gas Field Processing

The immediate product extracted from oil and gas wells consists of mixtures of oil, gas, and water that is difficult to transport, requiring a certain amount of field processing. This reference analyz...

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Fundamentals Of Natural Gas Processing

Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing explores the natural gas industry from the wellhead to the marketplace. It compiles information from the open literature, meeting proceedings, and experts to acc...

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Neural Information Processing

The two volume set LNCS 4984 and LNCS 4985 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2007, held in K...

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Multimedia Signal Processing

Multimedia Signal Processing is a comprehensive and accessible text to the theory and applications of digital signal processing (DSP). The applications of DSP are pervasive and include multimedia systems, cellular communication, adaptive network mana...

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Fractal Speech Processing

This volume offers the results of research carried out to develop novel fractal-based techniques for the analysis of speech and audio signals. A great deal of this work is currently finding its way into practical commercial applications with Nokia Co...

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Polymer Melt Processing

This book is on the underlying foundations of the processing of polymer melts, which can be derived from relatively straightforward ideas in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The level is that of an ...

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Signal Processing Handbook

Introductory, systematic treatment of the many interrelated aspects. Twenty-three contributions address the fundamentals, spectral estimation algorithms, image processing, land and ocean seismic data,...

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Plasma Processing Of Materials:

Plasma processing of materials is a critical technology to several of the largest manufacturing industries in the world--electronics, aerospace, automotive, steel, biomedical, and toxic waste management. This book describes the relationship between p...

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Handbook Of Petroleum Processing

This handbook describes and discusses the features that make up the petroleum refining industry. It begins with a description of the crude oils and their nature, and continues with the saleable produc...

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