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The Path To Power

This is the story of the rise to national power of a desperately poor young man from the Texas Hill Country. The Path to Power reveals in extraordinary detail the genesis of the almost superhuman driv...

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Pillars Of Power

Pillars of Power is an engaging survey, based on extensive interviews, of where power is based in Australia today. Journalist and legal commentator David Solomon covers not just government, defence and the courts but also economic regulators, unions,...

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The Power Of A Praying® Kid

New from bestselling author Stormie Omartian! A look at prayer through little eyes. The Power of a Praying(r) Kid is a fun and "kid-friendly"approach to prayer for a very-special audience. Written with young hearts in mind, this short, easy-to-read b...

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The Passage Of Power

Examines Lyndon Johnson's volatile relationships with John and Robert Kennedy, describes JFK's assassination from Johnson's viewpoint, and recounts his accomplishments as president before they were ov...

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Unprecedented Power

As President Obama began to unveil sweeping government programs to restore the crippled economy, the public and media drew numerous comparisons with the actions of Franklin Roosevelt, who faced the grim prospects of the Great Depression almost eighty...

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Offshore Power

Off the U.S. coast sits an abundance of energy opportunities-not from traditional hydrocarbon fuels, but in the untapped renewable marine resources of wind, waves, tides, and ocean currents. Developing offshore renewable resources for electric power ...

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Mac OS X Power Tools

Expert Dan Frakes Toiled Endlessly with OS X So You Don't Have To... OS X expert and incurable Mac addict Dan Frakes delved into the deepest, darkest regions of Apple's newest operating system to uncover the best and most efficient ways to get things...

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The Power Of Your Other Hand

Brain researchers in recent years have discovered the vast, untapped potential of the brain's little used, right hemisphere. Lucia Capacchione has discovered that our non-dominant hand is a direct channel to that potential and, through the "other han...

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Sources Of Power

Anyone who watches the television news has seen images of firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings and paramedics treating bombing victims. How do these individuals make the split-second decisions that save lives? Most studies of decision ...

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The Power Of Pause

A clear, actionable plan to fight frustration at work, make savvier decisions, and avoid costly mistakes when we're short on time, attention, and choices One of the most frustrating dilemmas for worki...

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The Power Of Desperation

A senior pastor of a Baptist church and the executive producer of Facing the Giants and FIREPROOF introduces an intriguing concept through biblical and modern stories of incomplete people whose only path to victory is through total surrender. Origina...

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Power Thoughts

One of the world's leading practical Bible teachers outlines a flexible program to turn thoughts into habits, and habits into success, by using the mind as a tool for achievement.

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Green Power

Green Power: Perspectives on Sustainable Electricity Generation provides a systematic overview of the current state of green power and renewable electrical energy production in the world. Presenting eight in-depth case studies of green power producti...

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Power And Negotiation

Examines perceived power on the basis of which symmetries and asymmetries in the relations between parties can be identified

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Power Systems

Part of the second edition of The Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Power Systems offers focused and detailed coverage of all aspects concerning power system analysis and simulation, transients, pl...

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Power Piping

This essential new volume provides background information, historical perspective, and expert commentary on the ASME B31.1 Code requirements for power piping design and construction. It provides the m...

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Power And Influence

In today's complex work world, things no longer get done simply because someone issues an order and someone else follows it. Most of us work in socially intricate organizations where we need the help not only of subordinates but of colleagues, superi...

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Saving Power

"Saving Power" describes the many interpretations of Godbs saving power in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, thereby affirming the rich variety of atonement theories and their centrality for...

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The Power Of Glamour

In provocative detail with more than one hundred illustrations, critically acclaimed author Virginia Postrel separates glamour from glitz, revealing what qualities make a person, an object, a setting,...

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Power And Protest

In a brilliantly conceived book, Jeremi Suri puts the tumultuous 1960s into a truly international perspective in the first study to examine the connections between great power diplomacy and global social protest. Profoundly disturbed by increasing so...

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