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Star Power

Dick Jenkins is the most talented young baseball player in the major leagues. In fact, one might say he has star power. But Dick also has a dangerous secret compulsion, and unfortunately his young fem...

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Neighbor Power

Providing concrete examples for citizens and government officials, Diers describes a successful program to support community self-help projects and a community-driven planning process that involved 30,000 people.

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The Power Of Focus

The No 1 reason that stops people from getting what they want is lack of focus. People who focus on what they want, prosper. Those who don't, struggle. In The Power of Focus you'll discover the specif...

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Power To The People

Power to the People examines the first session of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, in 1937, to determine whether the Legislature's structure and rules reflected populism, progressivism, or simply ...

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Power And The Past

Power and the Past: Collective Memory and International Relations.

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Red Power Rising

Uncovers the origins of the Red Power movement During the 1960s, American Indian youth were swept up in a movement called Red Power—a civil rights struggle fueled by intertribal activism. While some define the movement as militant and others see it...

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Solar Power

Explains how solar energy is generated and used, discusses solar panels and solar power towers, and considers the use of solar energy as a renewable resource.

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Harnessing Power From The Sun

Explores the different ways we use solar power known as the power of the sun.

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Electric Power

This book presents new and important research on electric power and its generation, transmission and efficiency. The world is becoming increasingly electrified. For the foreseeable future, coal will c...

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GarageBand '08 Power!

GarageBand is one of the most powerful tools for capturing and manipulating sound that has ever been made available to the public. Although GarageBand has always been easy to use, it provides an amazing amount of power and sophistication to users who...

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How To Give Your MGB V8 Power

No one contemplating an MGB V8 engine conversion should start the project without reading this book, which is based on the real world experience of many owners and specialists who have re-engined MGBs...

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The Power Of Praying Together

This companion to "The Power of Praying Together" encourages readers to explore what the Bible has to say about praying with "two or more." Thought-provoking questions help readers maximize prayer opportunities with others. Perfect for personal use o...

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Power Relationships

This lively guide to relationship success at work and in life presents 26 laws that must be followed in order to build strong, productive relationships and provides compelling, real-life stories of th...

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The Power Of Nice

Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval have moved to the top of the advertising industry by following a simple but powerful philosophy: it pays to be nice. Where so many companies encourage a dog-eat-dog...

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Power Cues

New science on our oldest, most natural ways of influencing others Most of our communication is unconscious. What you are actively aware of is only a tiny part of the visual and other input your brain receives. Further, studies show that we make most...

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Power In Praise

Merlin Carothers' first book, Prison to Praise, drew acclaim from Pat and Shirley Boone, Jamie Buckingham, Leonard LeSourd, Catherine Marshall, Norman Vincent Peale, John Sherrill and others. Thousand...

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Power Of The Weak

Covering the eleventh through sixteenth centuries, these essays suggest that influence and power may have paradoxically been available to women despite, and sometimes precisely because of, their subordinate position in society. Striking for its range...

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Touch Of Power

Laying hands upon the injured and dying, Avry of Kazan absorbs their wounds and diseases into herself. But rather than being honored for her skills, she is hunted. Healers like Avry are accused of spr...

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Power Evangelism

The message of Power Evangelism has been embraced around the world, and the book that started it all has become a classic, with more than one million sold. In 2006, Christianity Today named it one of the 50 most significant Christian books to be publ...

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Nov 11, 2009 - intended that a designer capable of applying more complete and rigorous analysis COMPANION GUIDE TO THE ASME BOILER & PRESSURE VESSEL CODE 5 ASME B31.3, Process Piping; The American Society of.

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