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Seeing Through Statistics

The fourth edition of this popular book by Jessica Utts develops statistical literacy and critical thinking through real-world applications, with an emphasis on ideas, not calculations. This text focuses on the key concepts that educated citizens nee...

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PDQ Statistics

PDQ Statistics is your supplemental text to the introductory and advanced statistics courses. Without using algebra, calculus, calculations, or jargon, Professors Norman and Streiner decode biostatistics for you. You don't need a technical dictionary...

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How To Lie With Statistics

Alerts the reader to the manipulative potential of statistics and suggests ways of using these tricks to one's own advantage

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U Statistics

In 1946 Paul Halmos studied unbiased estimators of minimum variance, and planted the seed from which the subject matter of the present monograph sprang. The author has undertaken to provide experts and advanced students with a review of the present s...

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This book teaches statistics with a modern, data-analytic approach that uses graphing calculators and statistical software. It allows more emphasis to be put on statistical concepts and data analysis than on following recipes for calculations. This g...

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All Of Statistics

This book surveys a broad range of topics in probability and mathematical statistics. It provides the statistical background that a computer scientist needs to work in the area of machine learning.

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Scammed By Statistics

We are continually bombarded by charts, graphs, and quotes from various studies with the goal of influencing our opinions, health, or buying habits, yet we seldom know if we are being manipulated, dec...

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Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics is the school of thought that combines prior beliefs with the likelihood of a hypothesis to arrive at posterior beliefs. The first edition of Peter Lee’s book appeared in 1989, but the subject has moved ever onwards, with increa...

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Statistics And Data With R

R, an Open Source software, has become the de facto statistical computing environment. It has an excellent collection of data manipulation and graphics capabilities. It is extensible and comes with a ...

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Elementary Statistics Using JMP

Learn how to perform basic statistical analyses using the powerful JMP software. Elementary Statistics Using JMP bridges the gap between statistics texts and JMP documentation. Author Sandra Schlotzhauer opens with an explanation of the basics of JMP...

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Circular Statistics In R

Measurements like mass, length and speed are "linear"; but compass direction or the time of the year are "circular". Circular data have a repeating nature and an arbitrary zero: 12 months after the 1st of July it is the 1st of July again. This book e...

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A First Course Mathematical Statistics

This book provides the mathematical foundations of statistics. Its aim is to explain the principles, to prove the formulae to give validity to the methods employed in the interpretation of statistical data. Many examples are included but, since the p...

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Fuzzy Statistics

This monograph introduces elementary fuzzy statistics based on crisp (non-fuzzy) data. In the introductory chapters the book presents a very readable survey of fuzzy sets including fuzzy arithmetic an...

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A First Course In Multivariate Statistics

A comprehensive and self-contained introduction to the field, carefully balancing mathematical theory and practical applications. It starts at an elementary level, developing concepts of multivariate distributions from first principles. After a chapt...

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Choosing And Using Statistics

Choosing and Using Statistics remains an invaluable guide for students using a computer package to analyse data from research projects and practical class work. The text takes a pragmatic approach to statistics with a strong focus on what is actually...

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Introductory Statistics On The TI 83

The TI-83, TI-83 Plus, and TI-84 Plus calculators, by Texas Instruments, are manual will focus on how to get the most out of using the TI-83, TI-83 Plus, and.

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Intermediate Statistics

Intermediate Statistics: A Conceptual Course is a student-friendly text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses. It begins with an introductory chapter that reviews descriptive and inferential...

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Statistics II For Dummies

The ideal supplement and study guide for students preparing for advanced statistics Packed with fresh and practical examples appropriate for a range of degree-seeking students, Statistics II For Dummies helps any reader succeed in an upper-level stat...

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Visual Statistics

A visually intuitive approach to statistical data analysis Visual Statistics brings the most complex and advanced statistical methods within reach of those with little statistical training by using animated graphics of the data. Using ViSta: The Visu...

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Pharmaceutical Statistics

Pharmaceutical Statistics is a new publication on basic statistics, specifically written for pharmacy students. It contains chapters on basic concepts such as types of data, graphical representation of data, distribution and standard deviation. More ...

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