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The HDR Book

When it comes to HDR, only three key ingredients are needed: hardware, software, and post-processing technique. Hardware is simple—there are only a few things you need to set up and shoot an HDR ser...

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The Book Of Tea

Written in English by a Japanese scholar in 1906, ""The Book of Tea"" is an elegant attempt to explain the philosophy of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, with its Taoist and Zen Buddhist roots, to a Western audience in clear and simple terms. One of the mo...

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Buy This Book

Buy This Book is an important contribution to the history and understanding of consumption and advertising. This book brings together an outstanding collection of writing on the study of advertising, ...

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Book Alone

Essential for nursing research courses, Nursing Research: Reading, Using, and Creating Evidence, Second Edition demonstrates how to use research as the basis for successful nursing practice. Fully updated and revised, this reader-friendly new edition...

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The Book Of Three

Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper to a famous oracular sow, sets out on a hazardous mission to save Prydain from the forces of evil.

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The Car Book

The bestselling and authoritative buying guide for new cars--now completely updated and expanded. Gillis is director of public affairs for the Consumer Federation of America and a columnist for Good H...

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The Book Of Wi Fi

Discusses the process of setting up and using a home or office wireless network, covering topics such as point-to-point networking, sniffer tools, and security.

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The MBR Book

The use of membranes is increasing throughout industry, and particularly the water industry.The municipal water industry, which is concerned with the provision of clean drinking water to the population, is a big user and developer of membrane technol...

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It's A Book

A donkey with a laptop computer and a gorilla with a printed book discuss the merits of their preferred formats.

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The R Book

Hugely successful and popular text presenting an extensive and comprehensive guide for all R users The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software packages, ...

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You've Got A Book In You

Writing a book is fun and easy--yes, FUN AND EASY--but it may not always feel that way. How do you find the time to write? How do you keep momentum? How do you deal with the horror of showing anyone a single sentence of your work-in-progress? The ans...

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The Everything UFO Book

Are extraterrestrial beings trying to contact us? Is the government covering up evidence? What is the real truth about UFOs, close encounters, and alien abduction? In this fascinating guide, UFO exper...

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Red Book

" ... provides updated county and town listings within the same overall state-by-state organization ... information on records and holdings for every county in the United States, as well as excellent ...

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The CDA TM Book

The CDA book provides clear and easy to use guidance to implement the standard, with numerous examples covering many of the nuances of the standard. Readers can learn not only how to implement healthcare IT using the CDA standard, but to 'speak' in t...

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The First Book Of The Mac

Here's the first word on Macintosh, complete with all essential Mac information. Performance tips and techniques make sure Mac beginners get started quickly--and coverage of desktop publishing, spread...

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The ETF Book

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are revolutionizing the investment industry. From their introduction in 1993, ETFs have expanded exponentially over the past fifteen years. You, as an informed investor, n...

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A Book About You

SynopsisIf only life came with an operator's manual; How many times have you wished that? How many times have you asked, Why do things go wrong for me? Why do certain things tend to happen to me? How can I change my life for the better? What the heck...

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The Bug Book

What would you do if you thought you were being bugged? How would you defend yourself? How would you even know about it? If you've pondered these questions, and especially if you haven't, you need to ...

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The Pot Book

As the legalization of cannabis becomes a reality, The Pot Book candidly offers facts and authoritative opinions in a society full of marijuana myths and stereotypes. Includes contributions and interv...

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The Look Book

Audrey Hepburn’s winged eyes. Veronica Lake’s peek a boo curls. Over the last century, celebrities have been at the forefront of fashion, introducing numerous classic hair and makeup looks to soci...

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