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Outside The Lines

From the author of For the Love of a Soldier comes a rapturous new novel of unspoken secrets, and true love… Lady Julia Chandler fears she will be walking down the aisle with a silver-tipped cane if...

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Between The Lines

The #1 New York Times bestseller filled with romance, adventure, and humor, from Jodi Picoult and her teenage daughter. What happens when happily ever after…isn’t? Delilah is a bit of a loner who ...

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Dead Lines

Meryl Daly makes the mistake of falling in love with writer Jake Rowan, who is quite dead but very determined to come back

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Leading Outside The Lines

An all-new approach to understanding the (in)formal connections of an organization From the bestselling coauthor of the business classic The Wisdom of Teams comes an all-new exploration of the modern ...

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Life Lines

Firefighters and paramedics respond to calls for assistance without knowing exactly what they will encounter when they arrive. They perform the duties of their profession to the highest standards, day...

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Painting Outside The Lines

In a work that brings new insights, and new dimensions, to the history of modern art, David Galenson examines the careers of more than 100 modern painters to disclose a fascinating relationship betwee...

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Color Outside The Lines

All of us yearn to be creative, but few of us feel we truly are. In this fun-to-read, energy-packed guide to stimulating our ingenuity, Hendricks proposes a nine-step process for unleashing an excitin...

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Writing Between The Lines

The essays in Writing between the Lines explore the lives of twelve of Canada's most eminent anglophone literary translators, and delve into how these individuals have contributed to the valuable proc...

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The Shadow Lines

Opening in Calcutta in the 1960s, Amitav Ghosh's radiant second novel follows two families -- one English, one Bengali -- as their lives intertwine in tragic and comic ways. The narrator, Indian born and English educated, traces events back and forth...

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Trading Between The Lines

Insights into a pattern-based method of trading that can increase the likelihood of profitable outcomes While most books on chart patterns, or pattern recognition, offer detailed discussion and analysis of one type of pattern, the fact is that a sing...

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Points + Lines

With Points + Lines: Diagrams and Projects for the City, influential architect and theorist Stan Allen proposes a series of new architectural strategies for the contemporary city. Organized in the form of a user's manual, it juxtaposes texts outlinin...

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Fault Lines

Poetry. "The strength of Tim Hunt's nature poems drew me into this book. His observation of light, rocks, a hawk and a field mouse in 'High Desert Summer,' a California landscape, is so intense that h...

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Hard Lines

This is a book about Britain during a time of "negative de-industrialization". It is not, however, a book about economics or statistics, but about people and the lives they lead in the midst of change and uncertainty. It is about men and women hit by...

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Philosophy Between The Lines

Philosophical esotericism—the practice of communicating one’s unorthodox thoughts “between the lines”—was a common practice until the end of the eighteenth century. The famous Encyclopédie of Diderot, for instance, not only discusses this ...

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Lines And Curves

This text demonstrates a modern approach to geometry and contains a wealth of material not usually found in geometry texts or courses. No prior knowledge of advanced geometry is required. (Midwest).

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Blood Lines

It is late autumn 1756, Jacob Murray and a band of rangers are locked in desperate pursuit of a Delaware raiding party that overran and massacred the garrison at Fort Stevens. Among the women and children taken prisoner is Jacob's wife, Maggie. Drive...

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Coloring Outside The Lines

"Different Paths to Love: Book Two" Photographer Ralph Haraldsson's birthday celebration starts to turn disastrous when he runs into his ex, and it seems to be headed downhill from there. Julian Franz...

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Coloring Outside Autism's Lines

Your Road Map to Rediscovering Joy, Fun, and Togetherness Having a child with an autism spectrum disorder may mean that you have to change your life. It can seem as though there are so many things you just can't do. But there are adventures-large and...

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Software Product Lines: Going Beyond

The LNCS series reports state-of-the-art results in computer science research, development, and education, at a high level and in both printed and electronic form. Enjoying tight cooperation with the R & D community, with numerous individuals, as wel...

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Gas Insulated Transmission Lines GIL

Gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL) is an established high voltage technology used when environmental or structural considerations restrict the use of overhead transmission lines. With an overview on the technical, economical and environmental imp...

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