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There are sensuous pleasures that can only be tasted in the night . . . He comes to her in the twilight between sleep and consciousness to fulfill her secret desires. Lyssa Bates has never experienced...
Title Pleasures Of The Night
Category Fiction
Author Sylvia Day
Publisher HarperCollins
Pub Date 2007-04-24
Number of Page 304
ISBN 9780061230981
Read 338
Last Read 2014-11-06 09:06:18
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Night Pleasures

When the sun sets, passion rises in this special hardcover edition in the bestselling Dark-Hunter series.

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Criminal Macabre: Final Night The 30 Days Of Night Crossover

Cal McDonald only wanted a beer; but what he got was a jaded federal agent and a story about vampires up in Barrow; Alaska. ThereÕs a new vamp in LA; and heÕs hell bent on bringing mankind to its kn...

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Notorious Pleasures

Their lives were perfect . . . Lady Hero Batten, the beautiful sister of the Duke of Wakefield, has everything a woman could want, including the perfect fiancé. True, the Marquis of Mandeville is a t...

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Guilty Pleasures

This text puts women back into the history of camp, a story long confined to gay male practice. Emphasizing the distinctive roles which women have played as producers and consumers of camp, Pamela Robertson links her subject to feminist discussions o...

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Unruly Pleasures

The first British volume dedicated to the critical consideration of cult movie making from the margins to the manstream. In a series of innovative articles by leading film critics and theorists, the b...

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Hidden Pleasures

All she has to do is be his lover for a week… And when the man is gorgeous Galen Steele, what woman could possibly say no? Brittany Thrasher has her own hidden motives for accepting Galen's proposal. Only the savvy businesswoman draws the line at a...

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The Captain Of All Pleasures

Determined to seek revenge on Captain Derek Sutherland, who had seduced and then rejected her, headstrong Nicole Lassiter, the daughter of an American sea captain, decides to help her father beat Suth...

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Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division changed the face of music. Godfathers of alternative rock, they reinvented music in the post-punk era, creating a new sound—dark, hypnotic, and intense—that would influence U2, Morris...

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Midnight Pleasures

Handsome and sensual, surrounded by an aura of danger, mystery, and the forbidden, a lover steps from the shadows. But is he mortal? Or is he an ancient god, a sorcerer, or a mythical beast who can po...

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Consuming Pleasures

How is it that American intellectuals, who had for 150 years worried about the deleterious effects of affluence, more recently began to emphasize pleasure, playfulness, and symbolic exchange as the es...

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