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Serpent's Tail novelist Cathi Unsworth shocks and awes with help from her London criminal-literary colleagues.
Title London Noir
Category Fiction
Author Cathi Unsworth
Publisher Akashic Books
Pub Date 2006
Number of Page 280
ISBN 188845198X
Read 149
Last Read 2016-04-03 23:23:43
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L.A. Noir

Los Angeles is an ideal city for film Noir for both economic and aesthetic reasons. The largest metropolitan area in the country, home to an ever-changing population of the disillusioned and in close proximity to city, mountains, ocean, and desert, t...

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Collects more than three hundred studio-commissioned poster art, lobby cards, and other promotional materials from the Noir era for such movies as Out of the Past, Touch of Evil, and The Big Sleep. Re...

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Presents a collection of short stories featuring Noir and crime fiction about Mumbai by such authors as Sonia Faleiro, Smita Harish Jain, Devashish Makhija, and Avtar Singh.

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The passing of the Hungarian prime minister before he could realize his dream of a fascist state has little effect on crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon. Life—and death—go on in the bustling old city,...

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