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Never Pay Retail Again

Want to look like a million bucks while you save a pretty penny? Maximize your personal style on any budget with fashion and beauty expert Daisy Lewellyn’s fun, practical, must–have guide to smart...

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The Retail Revival

Traditional retail is becoming increasingly volatile and challenged as a business model. Brick-and-mortar has shifted to online, while online is shifting into pop-up storefronts. Virtual stores in sub...

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Suggested Retail

OPTIONAL SERVICE PLAN (1.2 EX):2 YRS/ 45 000KMS. 3,053.51. 3,481.00 Sorento MT 5 Seater 4X2 D. 330,697. 376,995 . 3,000.00. KIA 2013 PRICE LIST .

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Retail Analytics

The inside scoop on boosting sales through spot-on analytics Retailers collect a huge amount of data, but don't know what to do with it. Retail Analytics not only provides a broad understanding of ret...

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Smart Retail

The world's #1 guide to retail success, complete with crucial, up-to-date insights--including new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from today's best retailers, like TopShop, IKEA, and Best...

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Retail Hell

“I think you left these behind,” I said, handing them to her. This happens all the time when women try to return bags they’ve used. Tampons, lipstick, coins, Tic Tacs, and condoms are the top tr...

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Retail Marketing

This book focuses on the marketing dimension of retailing. The Retail marketing mix is addressed keeping shopping and shopper behavior in mind. This book can be used as a text for advanced retail mark...

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The New Rules Of Retail

The retail world is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Rapidly evolving technology, globalization, and a saturated marketplace offer consumers instant access to thousands of equally compelling p...

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Revolutionizing Retail

Retail workers are a large labor force, yet their jobs are generally devalued and dominated by low wages, precarious conditions, and disrespect. Coulter draws on three years of comparative research on retail workers and political action, including fi...

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Retail Rebranded

Finally, a frog who knows how to put retail back on the map!' Retail Rebranded lets you in on the secrets big retailers don’t want you to know in 5 key steps of how to reassess, reposition, rename, ...

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Internet Retail Operations

The increasing popularity of online shopping makes Internet retailing a megatrend that cannot be ignored. The collaboration of two co-authors bringing academic rigor and broad consulting experience into the mix, Internet Retail Operations: Integratin...

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Retail And Channel Marketing

ÔUndoubtedly a must-read for anyone interested in channel and retail marketing. Finally, the first book which integrates Ð in a comprehensive set of managerial tools Ð the channel and the retail perspectives. This book is a unique compendium for m...

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Retail Marketing And Branding

Retail Marketing and Branding, 2nd Edition looks at how retailers can make more out of their marketing money with retail best practices in branding and marketing spend optimization. The second edition...

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Logistics And Retail Management

The third edition of Logistics and Retail Management has been substantially updated to take account of recent developments in retail logistics. Retailers have recognised the need to have more involvement in supply chains and noted that benefits can b...

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Retail Management 4th Edition

This book skillfully blends the overviews of the global and Indian retailing scene, in addition to the trends and growth prospects of the industry in India. Organized retailing in India, though once new, has taken such rapid strides that it has becom...

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Mathematics For Retail Buying

This best-selling textbook meets the needs of students who will be directly or indirectly involved in the activities of merchandising and buying at the retail level. Mathematics for Retail Buying explains the essential concepts, practices, procedures...

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Smart Retail Pearsoncmg

In the world. RICHARD HAMMOND . Richard Wiseman's excellent 59 Seconds (Macmillan, 2009)in the motiva- tion chapter . Twitter 83, 138, 13940.

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First Steps In Retail Management

This second edition continues to provide an invaluable introduction to retail management concepts for those progressing into management levels of retailing. The book is a practical text for use in conjunction with the relevant curricula and competenc...

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Retail Price List

May 1, 2012 - NISSAN. Dualis Pathfinder R50 to Mid 05 . Hi Lift Bumper Lift Kit. 58.00 Each. ARB203FK. Hi Lift Jack Service Kit. 30.00 Each.

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Re Thinking Retail In The Digital Era

In this collection of articles, Elix-IRR’s retail professionals examine the fundamental changes brought about by the digital consumer and the related shifts in the industry. The articles discuss many of the challenges and opportunities on which our...

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