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A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist follows Lynne Sposito's investigation into the murders of her parents, Circuit Court judge Vincent Sherry and mayoral candidate Margaret Sherry, an endeavor that brought her face-to-face with the Dixie Mafia. Reiss...
Title Mississippi Mud
Category True Crime
Author Edward Humes
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pub Date 1995
Number of Page 448
ISBN 9780671535056
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Last Read 2015-03-04 01:55:16
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Mississippi Market Bulletin Mississippi Department Of

Apr 15, 2011 - 2001 LA Spa by Harmony hot tub, allure spruce, 5' x 7' . 2001-2006 Chev., Ford or Dodge diesel 2000 Ranger R93VS 19.6' bass boat,.

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A New Day In Mississippi

When James Broadwater went to work in Mississippi's state government in 2004, he soon found that what he thought was a good place to be employed turned out to be a network of "good ol' boys" who were committed to the status quo of corruption, waste, ...

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Mississippi: The WPA Guide to the Magnolia State, was part of a nationwide series of guides in the 1930s that created work during the Depression for artists, writers, teachers, librarians, and other professionals. This classic book is a lively collab...

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From The Mississippi Delta

After being raped by her employer's husband at the age of eleven, Ida Mae Holland (also known as 'Cat'), became a rebel, getting expelled from high school, turning to prostitution, serving jail time for shoplifting and assault. But when she stumbled ...

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The Mississippi Byrd

The Mississippi Byrd: From Rural to Urban to Suburban and Beyond was written at the encouragement of many of his relatives and friends to motivate a larger audience. It is filled with challenges, excitement, and scintillation as it chronicles some of...

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Weapons Of Mississippi

Mississippians have long found the need for an arsenal of interesting, lethal, and imaginative weapons. Native Americans, frontier outlaws, antebellum duelists, authorities and protestors in the civil rights struggle, and present-day hunters have use...

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Ed King's Mississippi

Ed King's Mississippi: Behind the Scenes of Freedom Summer features more than forty unpublished black-and-white photographs and substantial writings by the prominent civil rights activist Rev. Ed King. The images and text provide a unique perspective...

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Life On The Mississippi

Join Mark Twain on his trip on board a steamboat from St. Louis to New Orleans. He describes the competition from railroads, and the new, large cities, and adds his observations on greed, gullibility, tragedy, and bad architecture. The book also intr...

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Mississippi's Civil War

An examination of Mississippi's Civil War experience in a social, political and military context, this book begins with an introductory overview of the pre-war socio-political climate of the state and ends with a treatment of Mississippi's post-war e...

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Coming Of Age In Mississippi

Anne Moody provides a first person account of growing up black in the rural South during the nineteen forties and fifties.

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