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Great Military Leaders

Great Military Leaders - A Bibliography with Vignettes

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Government Leaders, Military Rulers, And Political Activists

Articles include a profile of the leader's life and work, a time-line placing them in historical context, a list for further reading, and a drawing if possible.

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Online Blue Book New Mexico Military Institute

A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do. 1921, Adopted by the drills and parade - its tinsel and glare, but what is of more importance, the submitted by using a Staff Summary Sheet through the Cadet Chain of Command to the CMDT.

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Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

A former chief executive of Chrysler Corporation addresses key issues facing today's Americans, from job security and global competition to the war in Iraq and the corporate problems facing the auto i...

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In this illuminating study of corporate America's most critical issue—leadership—world-renowned leadership guru Warren Bennis and his co-author Burt Nanus reveal the four key principles every mana...

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The New Jewish Leaders

A riveting study of a generational transition with major implications for American Jewish life

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Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

How did Alan Mulally––an outsider to the auto industry—lead such a spectacular turnaround at Ford? How did Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack keep his company from imploding even as Lehman Brothers co...

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Conversations With Leaders

The conversations inside Conversations With Leaders began with a simple desire to bring leadership principles and lessons to a small gathering of community health professionals. Over the years, local ...

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Leading Leaders

A unique leadership challenge: the ability to manage other leaders.

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Real Leaders

A leader leads, but a true leader will be able to champion shared values to achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to turn a leader into a real leader. This book delves into the three critical pilla...

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Leaders Without Titles

What does it mean to lead? Are there natural born leaders? Can leadership be taught? Throw out everything you thought you knew. Leaders Without Titles challenges the way we determine who our leaders s...

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Visual Leaders

What Visual Meetings did for meetings and Visual Teams did for teams, this book does for leaders Visual Leaders explores how leaders can support visioning and strategy formation, planning and management, and organizationchange through the application...

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Rogue Leaders

In 1982, George Lucas saw potential in the fledgling videogame industry and created his own interactive-entertainment company. Twenty-five years and dozens of award-winning games later, LucasArts has ...

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Leaders On Leadership

Interviews with chief executives from major companies in the United States and other countries, as well as government leaders, discuss how they adapt to changes in the leadership role

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How China's Leaders Think

A fascinating look at China now and in the years to come, through the eyes of those at the helm As China continues its rapid ascent, attention is turning to its leaders, who they are, and how they vie...

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Russian Leaders

Russian Leaders A Bibliography With Indexes

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John P. Kotter On What Leaders Really Do

A Harvard Business Review Book. Widely acknowledged as the world's foremost authority on leadership, John Kotter has devoted his remarkable career to studying organizations and those who run them, and...

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Breakthrough Power For Leaders

Walt Disney said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." He must have had a lot of fun, then. How did he and others like him accomplish so much? Breakthrough Power for Leaders shares their secrets. ...

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Leaders, Fools And Impostors

In this book of insightful essays, Kets de Vries explodes the myth that rationality is what governs the behavior of leaders and followers, and he provides a more realistic perspective on organizational functioning and the leader-follower relationship...

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101 Answers To Questions Leaders Ask

In 101 Answers to Questions Leaders Ask, Quint Studer offers practical, prescriptive solutions to some of the many questions he's received from health care leaders around the country since the debut o...

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