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Provides a comprehensive plan for reprogramming the liver and pancreas in order to stimulate rapid fat loss and long-term weight management via three specific stages, sample menus, recipes, exercise recommendations and informative answers to frequent...
Title The Metabolism Miracle
Category Health & Fitness
Author Diane Kress
Publisher Da Capo Press
Pub Date 2010-06-17
Number of Page 308
ISBN 9780738213866
Read 13
Last Read 2016-09-09 17:41:03
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The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook

Does a strong urge to fill up on carbs sabotage your weight-loss efforts? Are you often tired and irritable, and is there a roll of fat around your middle? Now it’s easier than ever to eat great and...

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The Miracle Man

A modern retelling of the four gospels with reality tv as a backdrop.

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One Miracle After Another

Pavel Goia knew when he was 5 years old that God had called him to speak for Him. Yet by the time Pavel reached his teens, having a good time with friends was far more important to him than his family...

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Homocysteine Metabolism

This volume is the first comprehensive treatise on homocysteine to treat the topic from the basic biochemical, metabolic, genetic, and dietary determinants to disease relationships, including concepts...

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Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism and its Disorders focuses on the processes and methodologies involved in carbohydrate Metabolism, including detection of diabetes, hypoglycemic syndromes, cardiovascular diseases, and atherosclerosis. The selection first takes...

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Metabolism At A Glance

Metabolism at a Glance is a complete review course of Metabolism in health and disease and offers a unique approach to the study of this difficult discipline. Metabolism is a complicated subject invol...

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Nutrient Metabolism

Nutrient Metabolism defines the molecular fate of nutrients and other dietary compounds in humans, as well as outlining the molecular basis of processes supporting nutrition, such as chemical sensing ...

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Exercise Metabolism

Exercise Metabolism, Second Edition, provides a systematic, in-depth examination of the regulation of metabolic processes during exercise. Exercise physiologists, exercise biochemists, and biochemists will find this book a comprehensive reference, us...

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Jumpstart Your Metabolism

If you've tried every conceivable combination of diet and exercise and still can't shed those extra pounds, then perhaps you haven't discovered the hidden key to weight loss -- proper breathing. By in...

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Miracle Cure

America has wealth, innovation, and access to the best of everything. So why is our health-care system so broken? Why does it cost more than ever and deliver less? How do we solve the problems of the uninsured and seniors who lack drug coverage? And ...

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